A Little About Fenrir. The story of His Chaining.

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It's in the tittle. A little bit about Fenrir. The story of his chaining.

This is about Fenrir's chaining. Fenrir is son of Angrbooa and Loki. Most of the wolf mothered children were giant werewolf in creatures. Fenrir was bigger. He was said to kill anything in his path. The gods tried to chain him twice. Two failed attempts.The next time they went to Duergar to forge a chain. It was made out of, gild melted, mountain roots, a woman's beard, the foot fall of a cat, the breath of a fish, the nerves of a bear, and the spittle of a bird. Then they chained him. He is said to dwell under a mountain in Niflheim. He waits for the day he can break his chains and take revenge.

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