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This is some basic on wicca and my point of view, please rate after. Blessed be.

As most know Wicca is an earth based religion, and has lots of history. Most are not good, however some nowadays are better. Here is a basic start off on the beliefs, people, and gods in wicca. I will also post some links for websites in studying.

13 goals of a witch!


1. Know Yourself:

Take time to learn about yourself. Keep daily journals as well as sleep journals. Record your thoughts, experiences

during meditation, your goals and anything else you think that is important. Use your dream journal to build a base line

so that you can interpret your dreams because dreams are the way our shadow self talks to us. Endeavor to heal your

shadow self. Use your daily journals to understand your thoughts and motivations. In other words, step back and examine

yourself, your life, your goals and what you want and who you really are. ?

2. Know Your Craft:

Study and practice the Craft. Through exploring the different aspects and theories of the Craft you will become more

adept and begin to form your own theories and practices that work best for you. Take classes offered in your area such

as tarot, meditation among other things that interest you. Attend public rituals to gain insight into how others practice.

Talk to other Wiccans and exchange ideas and experiences. ??

3. Learn:

The learning never ends when you are a witch. Read and study everything that you can and never dismiss any

knowledge out of hand. You never know where a revelation may be hiding.

4. Apply Knowledge With Wisdom:

Use the wisdom you have gained to temper your actions. Wisdom is a gift given to the wise and the wise use their wisdom

to make the best decisions available. To apply knowledge without wisdom is reckless and can be dangerous in certain

situations. The truly wise never claim to know everything or claim the status as an authority or guru, because no one

knows everything. Do not abuse the knowledge you have acquired.

5. Achieve Balance:

Wicca is a religion of balance. We embrace the light and dark, the God and Goddess; neither is more important than the

other. Both have a purpose. We are to achieve balance in our lives. Such as balance in the self, home, personal

relationships, what we take from the earth and what we give back and so on. A balanced life is a good life.

6. Keep Your Thoughts in Good Order:

This goal goes hand and hand with goal 7. As a witch your thoughts manifest reality in accordance with your will. Once

you have reached a level of magical development you can set events in motion without even realizing it. A disciplined

mine reduces that occurrences and aids in magical works. Your thoughts manifest before words are even formed.

7. Keep Your Words in Good Order:

As thoughts manifest reality in conformity to your will, so do words. Words are the verbalization of your thoughts and

therefore carry power. To not mind your words is the same as spreading chaos magically. Discipline in minding your

words adds meaning to what you speak and enhances their effectiveness in magical workings as well as the mundane


8. Celebrate Life:

This one is somewhat self explanatory. Life your life to the fullest and make every day a celebration of life. Life is a gift

from the God and Goddess and they wish us to have a good time while here. ?Essentially, don?t be afraid to enjoy your


9. Attune With the Cycles of the Earth:

This is one of the basic concepts of Wicca. Our holidays, Sabbats, are based upon the Wheel of the Year, with the

Wheel of the Year being based on the cycles of the Earth. ?We are to experience nature and understand that we are part

of it and it is part of us and how it affects us. It is another mystery of Wicca that one has to experience to truly understand.

10. Breathe and Eat Correctly:

This one is self explanatory as well. We are to eat the proper foods and practice our breathing. It doesn?t mean we can?t

enjoy the food we eat or occasionally indulge. What it means is that we should eat a proper diet because it will help to

make our bodies healthy. A healthy body not only makes us feel better and live longer, it aids us in our magical works

and makes the mundane tasks easier.

Learning to breath correctly aids in the raising of energy, focus, stress relief and meditation.

11. Exercise the Body:

This is a difficult goal for many people but it is an important one. Our bodies are wondrous things that the God and

Goddess have blessed us with. We should respect the bodies we have been given and keep them in shape. A healthy

body feels better both physically and emotionally. We also live longer and are less encumbered during mundane

activities and magical ones as well. To exercise the body is to honor the God and Goddess.

12. Meditate:

Meditation is a key skill in the working of magic. It allows us to focus our thoughts thereby focusing our will. It also helps

us in our mundane life as well. It reduces stress and helps us get through our mundane tasks by being able to focus and

think clearly.

13. Honor the Goddess and the God:

We should honor the God and Goddess in everything we do. They are a part of us as we are a part of them. We are all

connected. By honoring them we honor ourselves and our fellow humans. We also honor our gods through rituals and

celebrations. We do this because we love them and we desire to not because we fear them.

What is Wicca?


What Is Wicca

Contrary to what those who choose to persecute or lie about us wish to believe, Wicca is a very peaceful, harmonious and balanced way of life which promotes oneness with the divine and all which exists.

Wicca is a deep appreciation and awe in watching the sunrise or sunset, the forest in the light of a glowing moon, a meadow enchanted by the first light of day.???It is the morning dew on the petals of a beautiful flower, the gentle caress of a warm summer breeze upon your skin, or the warmth of the summer sun on your face.???Wicca is the fall of colorful autumn leaves, and the softness of winter snow.???It is light, and shadow and all that lies in between.??It is the song of the birds and other creatures of the wild.???It is being in the presence of Mother Earths nature and being humbled in reverence.???When we are in the temple of the Lord and Lady, we are not prone to the arrogance of human technology as they touch our souls.???To be a Witch is to be a healer, a teacher, a seeker, a giver, and a protector of all things.???If this path is yours, may you walk it with honor, light and integrity.

Wicca is a belief system and way of life based upon the reconstruction of pre-Christian traditions originating in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.???While much of the information of how our ancestors lived, worshiped and believed has been lost due to the efforts of the medieval church to wipe our existence from history, we try to reconstruct those beliefs to the best of our ability with the information that is available.

Thanks to archaeological discoveries, we now have basis to believe that the origins of our belief system can be traced even further back to the Paleolithic peoples who worshipped a Hunter God and a Fertility Goddess.???With the discovery of these cave paintings, estimated to be around 30,000 years old, depicting a man with the head of a stag, and a pregnant woman standing in a circle with eleven other people, it can reasonably be assumed that Witchcraft is one of the oldest belief systems known in the world toady.???These archetypes are clearly recognized by Wiccan as our view of the Goddess and God aspect of the supreme creative force and predate Christianity by roughly 28,000 years making it a mere toddler in the spectrum of time as we know it.???

Witchcraft in ancient history was known as "The Craft of the Wise" because most who followed the path were in tune with the forces of nature, had a knowledge of Herbs and medicines, gave council and were valuable parts of the village and community as Shamanic healers and leaders.???They understood that mankind is not superior to nature, the earth and its creatures but instead we are simply one of the many parts, both seen and unseen that combine to make the whole.???As Chief Seattle said; "We do not own the earth, we are part of it."???These wise people understood that what we take or use, we must return in kind to maintain balance and equilibrium. Clearly, modern man with all his applied learning and technology has forgotten this.???Subsequently, we currently face ecological disaster and eventual extinction because of our hunger for power and a few pieces of gold.

For the past several hundred years, the image of the Witch has been mistakenly associated with evil, heathenism, and unrighteousness.???In my humble opinion, these misconceptions have their origin in a couple of different places.

To begin, the medieval church of the 15th through 18th centuries created these myths to convert the followers of the old nature based religions to the churches way of thinking.???By making the Witch into a diabolical character and turning the old religious deities into devils and demons, the missionaries were able to attach fear to these beliefs which aided in the conversion process. ???Secondly, as medical science began to surface, the men who were engaged in these initial studies had a very poor understanding of female physiology, especially in the area of a women's monthly cycles.???The unknowns in this area played very well with the early churches agenda lending credence to the Witch Hunters claims and authority.???The fledgling medical professions also stood to benefit greatly from this because it took the power of the women healers away giving it to the male physicians transferring the respect and power to them.

Unfortunately these misinformed fears and superstitions have carried forward through the centuries and remain to this day.???This is why many who follow these nature oriented beliefs have adopted the name of Wicca over its true name of Witchcraft to escape the persecution, harassment and misinformation associated with the name of Witchcraft and Witch not to mention the bad publicity the press and Hollywood has given us simply to generate a profit.

Wicca rules and ethics :


Wicca has one major rule important. This rule is known as the rede and is the most important rule of all. This tells you about the threefold rule, and rede.

The rede


''An ye harm none, do what ye will''

This is the 8word rede and describes the meaning of wicca. Wicca and the rede always Try's to not harm anyone, and because of this the rede comes in. The rede means as long as you harm no one or anything even including earth, people, yourself and so fourth, you can do what you want. But this is harder than it seems, so yup that's all.

Threefold rule. ''Whatever ye send out crimes back to thee''

The threefold rule is basically the wiccan karma. We all know that whatever you put out comes back to you, either good ur bad, but the rule if three states whatever you do comes back to you three times good ur bad.

Wiccan gods


The wiccan gods are definatly important, here are some.

Wiccan views of divinity are generally theistic, and revolve around a Goddess and a God, thereby being generally dualistic, (with the Goddess given primacy or exclusivity in Dianic Wicca). Some Wiccans are polytheists, believing in many different deities taken from various 'pagan' pantheons, while others would believe that, in the words of Dion Fortune, "all the Goddesses are one Goddess, and all the Gods one God". Some Wiccans are both duotheistic and polytheistic, in that they honor diverse pagan deities while reserving their worship for the Wiccan Goddess and Horned God, whom they regard as the supreme deities. (This approach is not dissimilar to ancient pagan pantheons where one divine couple, a god and goddess, were seen as the supreme deities of an entire pantheon.) Some see divinity as having a real, external existence; others see the Goddesses and Gods as archetypes or thoughtforms within the collective consciousness.

According to several 20th century witches, including Sybil Leek,[citation needed] Robert Cochrane,[citation needed] and most notably Gerald Gardner, the "father of Wicca", the witches' God and Goddess are the ancient gods of the British Isles: a Horned God of hunting, death and magic who rules over an after-world paradise (often referred to as the Summerland), and a goddess, the Great Mother (who is simultaneously the Eternal Virgin and the Primordial Enchantress), who gives regeneration and rebirth to souls of the dead and love to the living.[1] The Goddess is especially connected to the Moon and stars and the sea, while the Horned God is connected to the Sun and the forests. Gardner explains that these are the tribal gods of the witches, just as the Egyptians had their tribal gods Isis and Osiris and the Jews had Elohim; he also states that a being higher than any of these tribal gods is recognised by the witches as Prime Mover, but remains unknowable, and is of little concern to them.[2]

The Goddess is often seen as having a triple aspect; that of the maiden, mother and crone. The God is traditionally seen as being the Horned God of the woods. A key belief in Wicca is that the gods are able to manifest in personal form, either through dreams, as physical manifestations, or through the bodies of Priestesses and Priests.

There are also other oantheins like Greek, Norse, and roman and Celtic in wicca. These gods are usually followed by Wicca's who practice eclectic wicca. I'm hekkebstic wjccan which means I follow the Greek gods but I follow the wiccan rules, ethics, and stuff like that. So with that said those are the gods.

Wiccan links:


Also there is this site. Blessed be.

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