How To Connect With The Divine Gods!!!

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This will help you connect and learn from the gods, and be able to try to know them better!!!

1) pick your pantheon. Some good pantheons are e celts, Greeks, and romans, also the great Egyptians.

2) After you learned what pantheon you like search about them. Find which gods you feel closest too. Like Hera, or Zeus or more, they can be 2,3,5,7 blah blah whatever else you need! Search their personalities and see how they dress, meditate on them, imagine or choose how they look like.

3) Meditate, do spells, pray, ritual, read, do anything you can to learn about them! Read the mythologies, pick which you like best and maybe switch some of the combined things like Zeus is good for health so times but Apollo is Medicine, so combine things to get closer to your gods, pray every morning and evening, pray 3x more each for the morning break fest and juice, then lunch, then dinner, pray to em in need, or when your scared.


4) Be kind to everyone, the gods are in your nature, car, animal, mom, dad, EVERYONEE!!!!! SOOO.... with that said be nice and helpful to your mom, the goddess is in her, same with the god in your dad, do things out of love for the gods, any thing even pucking up garbage, or laughing and running in nature makes people and gods happy. Take care of what you need and want.

5) Don't get mad at the gods. If something happens think about why, and how you can fix it, treat things with respect and you will g things back, do good, and do e best thing for the world, don't expect things to come on a silver platter, work for everything you want and need and the gods will help with everything else.

6) Celebrate the holidays and esbats!!! These are important, celebrate once a month on the full moon and you can do also, full, new, waning, its good, also draw down the moon or sun, this helps gain energy.

Hopefully this Will help. We all have a religion or god, its just the matter of connecting and finding that one religion and appreciate the things the people and gods give you. Please rate 4/5 if this help. I'm new here!!!

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