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An article on the actuality of transforming your soul into that of a demon.

First and foremost, the author of this article wishes to inform all whom fantasize of becoming some winged, horned, tailed, demonic being manifest on this plain that your fantasy is most probably never going to become a reality. He would also like to make it quite clear that this article is to further your knowledge and what you make of it, as well as what you take from it is your own. The author in no way shape or form condones acts of violence, neither does he condone anything that is not legal within your country/state of residence.

Now. With that out of the way, those with genuine scholarly interest in the steps it takes to become a demon may carry on reading. To those with the desire to take the steps to become a demon, know this: There is much sacrifice with such a decision. Becoming a demon is a LIFE LONG commitment, and the rest of eternity committed to being the demon you created. Know that after the initial steps are taken, after your initiation ritual you have been damned. Whether you spend the rest of your life committed to becoming a demon or not, after you are initiated, you will never step foot into your paradise, heaven, Shangri La, whatever you believe in, save for when and if the time comes to besiege and defile that paradise comes, and you will march in as an enemy of that paradise. All ties you left behind as a mortal will make no difference, former family, friends, lovers, etc will all be defiled by your presence in this afterlife. You give up your right to love, feel guilt, and remorse, and your only happiness comes from condemning another soul to your hell. The full initiation rituals will not be listed here, in fact they will be only the vaguest summaries. Should you, by some means, come across the proper rituals what you do with those rituals from then on is of your own volition. You've been warned.

The actuality of demon transformation:

A demon transformation is not verily a physical one. It is a transformation of the soul. Your lifetime of sin with the sole desire to condemn those unworthy of heaven, to tempt the innocent into sinning, to turn the holy into the twisted, to fill your master's army with fresh soldiers, constantly committing sin yourself in ritualistic ways, all twist your soul into the demon you think you want to be. Your reward an eternity in hell, your own kingdom within it's massive plain, your own followers, and varying odds and ends depending on the path you take. Eternity is a very big commitment to make. Keep that ever in your mind.

How it Happens:

The first step in becoming a demon is obviously the desire to become one. With the willingness to go through whatever depravity the individual must to seal such a fate.

The individual requires a recruiter. A recruiter is an individual that has traded their immortal soul within their flesh for that of a demon, with some pact in hell to recruit more demons for hell's cause so that they might revel in hell's triumphs, as the Demon to be might. They have a quota and are quite eager to fill it, but as a twist to their contracts are QUITE picky about whom they decide to recruit, often making it impossible for them to meet their quota within one lifetime. This recruiter will walk them through the steps of becoming a demon, and will be the new demon to be's ambassador to hell. They will guide the young demon to be, for as long as the demon to be requires it. The recruiter may require the new prospect to make some tribute to them to test that they are indeed willing to do what it takes. This is not always the case. The Demon to be and Recruiter often form complex relationships, varying depending on the kind of demon in question.

A Sin Amongst Seven:

What type of demon the soul transforms into is dependent on the sin that the recruit takes up the cause for. Listed below are the seven deadly sins and brief lists of the recruit's responsibility within these categories. The recruit may only take up one sin to champion. Whilst they are given plenty of time to choose, the choice, once made, is absolute.

Lust- To Seduce, Bed, and bring carnal pleasure to any and all. They most frequently target the innocent, while not bothering with those they deem already damned.

Gluttony- To fatten up, intoxicate, and entice, via delicacies. They must be strong personalities, often good cooks, with a working knowledge of alcoholic beverages. They condemn their victim's souls through their overindulgence.

Greed- To tempt into not helping, sharing, being generous. These manipulative types often pose as brokers with advice to their clients that they "Can't afford that charity" and that feeding the homeless "Isn't in your best interest". These few are masters of manipulation and playing with the heads of the upper class.

Sloth- To entice into slumber, and laziness. "Come play this game, work can wait." Often they resort to narcotics to lull their victims into sloven lumps of humanity.

Wrath- To evoke the anger of their victims, via insults, rudeness, doing generally dis-likable things. Often putting themselves in the roll of the other woman/man. While the most dedicated form faux relationships only to cheat on their partner to create the anger they desire.

Envy- To cause desire for riches and items, envy recruits work amongst the lower class as greed do amongst the upper class. "You DESERVE that money." "Those toys should be YOURS not HIS/HERS" Sewing contempt between classes and stirring a condemnable coveting in the hearts of their victims.

Pride- To inflate egos and create arrogance amongst their victims. "That car is SO nice." "You look really good." "You have the biggest/tightest genitalia I've ever seen." Etc.

Each of these, once chosen, have a ritual to be completed that will begin the transformation.

Some things to note:

A recruiter does not come right out and tell their prospective recruit that they are in fact, a demon. Therefore anyone outright claiming to be a demon is falsifying said claim.

AN ETERNITY IS A VERY LONG TIME. That fact needed to be repeated. Don't rush into a lifelong/eternity long commitment without seriously considering the ramifications.

If recruited, don't be hasty to believe that your recruiter is actually a demon, some will take information from this article and try to twist it to their advantage.

Don't message the author asking whether he's a recruiter, or to become a demon, or anything of that nature. Inquiries into the nature of the initiation rituals will be considered after a thorough questioning into your reason for seeking the knowledge.

Please note that demons vary from religious sect to religious sect. While a Djinn and Demon are similar, they are not necessarily one in the same.

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