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Creating spells are hard work and many times often fail.

Now the question that a lot of people "How do I create a spell?".

Well creating a spell can be done in multiple ways;

>Consulting your god/dess
>Invoking the 5 elements (Including spirit).
>Simply meaning your spell.

Now to the information on consulting your god/dess, you need a spell to do so. You simply need to pray. That is basically what a spell is, a prayer that you send out into the universe to be acknowledged.

Now how to create a spell;

Creations of spells are done by knowledge, intent, and belief.

When creating a spell you must invoke all 3 of these things, a rime isn't primary to spell casting, sense magick is energy and energy doesn't have a necessary language, speaking the spell in rimes just helps you focus. It all relies on the 3 necessary things;

>Belief- Without belief nothing will work in magick, you wont mean what you say.
>Imagination/Visualization- Without this you spells will not know what to do, and they could either not work, or they could easily backfire.
>Concentration- With this you will be able to concentrate on the top one.

Now we are going to talk about what spells do not work!;

>Transformation spells; Vampire, Werewolf, Angel, Demon, Dog, Cat...ect.
>Controlling the element; Fire, water, earth, air..ect

The reason why the elements are not able to control this is because the element are far older then human kind, so they are way more powerful then we are.
>Weight gain/loss
>Hair color change
>Hair growth
>Skin color change

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