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Eye color change

(You need: 1 pink rose, 1 large red candle)


"This is to touch (touch rose) This is to be (put hand above candle)

Shape and forment for all to see, By the powers of three times three (put hands over eyes)

As I will it, so shall it be"...

Candle (I use a candle who's color is the same as the color I want to change my eyes to)

A pentacle (optional). You can get more candles, the more candles the better the spell will work.

Light the candles and sit in front of the candle(s) and chant three or more times:

123 change for me, 123 (present color) to (color you want it to change to)

Then chant three or more times: By the powers of three let it be seen

Then visualize your eyes changing color then check in a mirror.

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