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Using Colors as a way to heal others

Color Healing
Every color vibrates at at a different rate and these vibrations can be used to heal our bodies. Our bodies take whatever color they need from the sun and from nature but often times it is not enough. Thus we can use color therapy or chromopathy(kroma-color, pathos-suffering) as it is also called to heal the body. We do this by exposing certain parts of our bodies to certain colors. When we do this our bodies absorb the color and we can then heal. This is the most practical and probably the easiest way of healing. There is also no danger involved so this is completely safe and can be practiced by absolutely anyone.
There are various ways of doing this but in this article I will merely be looking at:
  • Colors for Healing
  • Directing the Color
  • Color-charged water or Hydrochromopathy
  • Distant Color Healing
Colors for Healing:
 This color is very warming and very invigorating. It is great for reducing blood diseases. People who are Anemic or have liver infections need this color. 
Orange has a lot of similar properties of red. However, it isn't as harsh as red. Prange is excellent when it comes to the respitory system, including diseases like asthma and bronchitis. Orange is also a great tonic and laxative, similar to yellow.
Yellow is excellent when it comes to the bowels and intestines. It is also a mild sedative. It can lift one's mood. It can help reduce fears of any sort.  Great for: Indigestion, Heartburn, Constipation, feminine problems.
Green is by far the best healer. It is a neautral color and can be used for anything, so when in doubt, go for green. Especially effective when it comes to: Heart problems, headaches, ulcers, colds, mental problems, and boils.
Blue is an antiseptic and a cooling agent, thus it is great for any infalmmation, including internal inflammation. It works wonder on cuts, bruises and Rheumatism.
Indigo is a bit of a narcotic. It removes fears by reassuring the mind that it doesn't need to be afriad, so it can be useful in dealing with people who are afriad of the dark. Good for: Emotional disorders like anorexia and deafness. Great for: Eyes and cataracts.
Violet is amazing when it comes to healing mental disorders and for the nervous system. It can also be effective when trying to cure baldness or any female-related complaints.
Directing the Color:
When it comes to directing the color, it is important to remember that it is the color that is essential. Thus anything that will produce the required color will work just fine.  It can be absolutely anything from glass and plastic to cellophane or colored papers. If you have a window that gets a nice amount of sunlight, place the object making the color over the window, so that the sun can shine this color onto the person who requires the healing. If you don't have a decent amount of sunshine or you want to use artificial light this is perfectly okay. Perhaps place some colored paper or plastic infront (Not on, and ensure plastic isn't too close otherwise it will heat up and melt) the light bulb and let it shine on the person who needs to be healed.
It is very important to shine the light on the area which needs to be healed. Its no use your client has intestinal problems and you shine yellow light on their feet or their heads. Thus shine the proper color on the proper area. Shone the color onto the person and place for at least 30 mins twice a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening. You will be amazed at how quickly the difference will start showing.
Color-Charged Water or Hydrochromopathy:
We can chrage water in the same way as we can charge or heal a person with light. The technique is also very similar. Take a bottle, fill it with water and let the required color of light shine on it. It should shine onto the water for about 6 to 8 hours. If you want you can do this by putting some colord paper around the bottle and then leaving it in a window, even if the window doesn't get sun directly on it, it will work. Another more convenient way would be getting colored bottles and just adding water in to them and then leaving them close to a window.
When this is done the equivalent of 30 mins of shining the color on a person, is 1 wine glass of charged-water 3 times a day. If you are feeling a little down or sad, a glass of red charged-water will turn that frown upside down. If you struggle to fall asleep or you are a light sleeper try some indigo charged-water before you go to bed as it will help soothe your mind and relax your body. Absolutely any of the colors mentioned above can be used for any of its purposes. Please remember though, when in doubt, go for Green! 
Distant Color Healing:
Distant Color healing can be done as a form of absent healing. This is because is makes use of sympathetic magick. Its is also known as graphochromopathy. All you will require is a picture of the person needing to be healed. They should be in the picture alone and the area that needs to be healed should be in the picture as well.
Take the picture and shine the right color on the picture, and leave it there. One way of doing this is by either getting a colored light bulb and shining putting the picture below it, or by taking the picture, putting some colored paper infront of it and then place both infront of a normal light. This method should be done for at least 3 hours at a time.
This will be all for this article.  I hope you liked it and Blessed Be!
Source: Raymond Buckland - Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft

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