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Correspondences are used during spellwork to give a spell extra power. Everything on Earth has certain properties and energies it gives off, and using those energies is a way to help make your spellwork more powerful.

A major tool in any magick is color. The effective use of color and its meanings is very important for one's success in candle magick. Use all the elements as one and you will have one powerful wish coming up.


Energies: energy, strength, courage, goals, love, lust, passion, violence, physical pleasures, stimulating, anger, hate, marriage, enemies, peril, and sexual potency

Gender: male

Day: Tuesday

Planet: Mars

Sign: Scorpio and Aries

Fragrance: carnation, dragon's blood, ginger, pine, and peppermint


Energies: justice, goals, success, ambition, balance, neutralize, prosperity, mental and physical action, mental agility, energy, and stamina

Gender: male

Day: Sunday and Tuesday

Planet: Sun and Mars

Sign: Leo

Fragrance: bayberry, lavendar, and peppermint


Energies: friends, family, romance, love, nurturing, peace, gentleness, beauty, healing, raising vibrations, banishing negativity, honor, morality, and unselfishness

Gender: female

Day: Friday

Planet: Venus

Fragrance: cherry, rose, thyme, and vanilla


Energies: breaking blocks, learning, persuasion, confidence, knowledge, concentration, healing, memory, and subtle attraction

Gender: male

Day: Wednesday

Planet: Mercury

Sign: Virgo

Fragrance: cedar, clove, cinnamon, frankincense, and rosemary


Energies: heal inner wounds, money, quick actions, and knowledge

Gender: male

Day: Sunday

Planet: Sun

Fragrance: cedar, clove, cinnamon, frankincense, and rosemary

Related Colors: can be used with orange and yellow to enhance


Energies: money, luck, healing, growth, fertility, herbal magick, success, and Faerie Magick

Gender: male and female

Day: Friday and Wednesday

Planet: Venus and Mercury

Sign: Gemini

Fragrance: cherry, rose, thyme, and vanilla


Energies: sleep, truth, loyalty, dreams, emotions, protection, creativity, peace, wisdom, patience, astral projection, health, banish depression, and visions

Gender: male

Day: Saturday (dark blues), Friday (all blues), and Thursday (royal blue)

Planet: Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter

Sign: Aquarius (dark blues) and Pisces (royal blue)

Fragrance: nutmeg, sage, and sandalwood


Energies: wisdom, reversal, law, psychic powers, third eye, ambition, spiritual power, independence, and success

Gender: male

Day: Thursday

Planet: Jupiter

Sign: Sagittarius

Fragrance: nutmeg, sage, and sandalwood


Energies: intuition, dreams, telepathy, and clairvoyance


Energies: erase without repercussions, and balancing

Gender: female and male

Day: Monday

Planet: Moon

Fragrance: eucalyptus, jasmine, myrrh, and sandalwood


Energies: earth energy, grounding, centering consciousness, and success through labor Faerie Magick

Gender: female

Day: Monday (tan browns) and Friday (all browns)

Planet: Moon and Venus

Sign: Libra

Fragrance: iris, and black orchid


Energies: void for all unwanted influences, flesh out secrets, meditation, binding, protection, repelling, and banishing

Gender: male and female

Day: Saturday

Planet: Saturn

Sign: Capricorn

Fragrance: iris, pansy, black orchid, and patchouly

Related Colors: dark blues, black, dark browns, and most other dark colors


Energies: purity, self-esteem, peace, divination, clairvoyance, consecration, and spirituality, protection, repel, heal, children, pets, balance, and birth

Gender: female

Day: Monday

Planet: Moon

Sign: Cancer

Fragrance: eucalyptus, jasmine, myrrh, and sandalwood

Related Colors: solid white, silvers, pearls, and irridescent whites

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