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This is a small summary on amulets, talismans, cleansing/charging them, bless them, and give them your thanks.

About Them:

If no one knows this yet amulets and talismans are two completely different things.

First off, a talisman is an item you charge with your own energy for a specific purpose. Several people might actually hang them up around the house or somewhere because they can come in different sizes to suit one's personal needs. You can also wear them if you choose, but it is your choice what you want to do with it. It's all about how you use them rather it be for protection, healing, and all that good stuff. Talismans are usually made in factories, shops, and are man made items most of the time.

Secondly, amulets are naturally charged by nature. They are like quartz. They usually come from nature and are made from natural materials that you would find in nature. According to my knowledge people will wear amulets more than they do talismans. Not only because they are easier to wear and connect you with nature, but talismans might come with something you're allergic too; like the element Nickel, and will have lots of that material inside the talisman. Since amulets are naturally charged you have to pick one that suits your purpose. Unlike talismans, different amulets already have magical properties within them. It's a good idea to connect your energy with it and charge it for you.

Charging Them:

Before you ever decide to charge an amulet or talisman and use them for something you need to cleanse them. When you buy them from a store or somewhere they most likely have gain unwanted energies on them from other people and can develop a build up. They gain these energies because people touch them if they are looking at them or the seller/shipper/maker touches them by hand. I find it's important to cleanse your talismans or amulets daily or every now and then so they don't develop a build up and you won't have to worry about other energies being on it. I'd suggest to cleanse them after you've used them because sometimes if you use them in a spell or something it may attract different energies that you do not want. Such as negative energies. I know it may sound like I'm restating this over, but it is important to cleanse.

There are many methods for cleansing you can do, but it's up to you which one you choose works best for you. Some suggestions could be: Leaving them in the rain, casting a blessing, and more. You could even make your own like several people do. I recommend you try to make your own. If you can make a method for cleansing/charging an item or even developing methods with other things you can most likely make a spell if you say you can't.

If you feel you are ready you can charge them. Even though amulets are naturally charge you can still charge it with your own energy and connect with it. Like stated above, you should find a method of charging that works for you or you can make one. I have seen many methods on YouTube, Google, Bing, and more. I even make my own because when I make my own I feel more close to what I'm doing and that is something you probably should feel too. If you can't get the hang of it at first then just keep practicing. Magick takes time and practice. It's even apart of the basics and can help you understand energy flow a little. All it takes it just a few steps:

1.) Focus on what you are doing and why you are charging it (You are charging it for protection, luck, etc)

2.) Use the method you have chosen or made and focus on the energy to the item. (Focusing on your energy is a big part in most methods). As you begin, visualize the type of energy and purpose you want in your mind.

3.) Let the energy flow through you, stay focus, concentrate on it, and know what you want to happen.

4.) Let it charge the item in anyway the method might have you do.

(If you want to connect your energy with an amulet you can do the same process, but focus on your energy and not different ones unless you have too.)

Bless the Item:

After you charge the item and before you use it in your spell casting you should bless the item. Blessing the item can help prevert any unwanted energies from getting attached to it and it protects the item as well. This step, in my opinion, can come at any point you wish before hand. Bless the amulet or talisman in whichever way you want.

Once you are ready to use it remember to use it for the right purpose and reasoning. It can backfire on you if you used and charged/cleansed it wrong but it may not. Just depends on the spell. If you cleansed it wrong then most likely it still has some other energies left on it.


Express gratitude to the object while or after you have used it. It brings more positivity in your life too when you express gratitude. Always keep faith in it too just like you would with spells. If you are in the middle of using an talisman or amulet and you want to get rid of it and just rip it off and do nothing it may cause negativity in your life. This is because it still has your purpose and energy attach to it that you didn't properly get rid of.

This can also differ among traditions as well and their beliefs. Try looking up different views and standpoints about this topic.

~Saturn Legend's Witch~

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