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The first ritual of the fairies.

Fairy Magic:

Fairy magic is used for good and bad. It is very common. Fairy creatures live among us, but we do not realize their presence due to a lot of stresses which are mixed within our lives.

This article contains the first ritual ever created by fairies.

Presence of Mind:

This ritual makes us realize the meaning of our life and the difference between good and evil. It makes us see in a better point of view and creates harmony among us.

Close your eyes. Think of all your birthdays, friends, parents and all the happy times you had in your life. Then, think of the times where you were scared,hated, and confused. Think of all the times you heard someone crying. How do you feel ? Happy, sad, or worried? Open your eyes. What do you hear and see ? All those thoughts makes you tire. Have a long nap. After you wake up , you will feel better. Side effects of the ritual - headache.

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Last edited on Apr 02, 2021
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Oct 28, 2019
Hmm.. Interesting. I know nothing about fae magick so I don't know if this works.

Oct 28, 2019
Fine start, it appears to have the makings of a shadow meditation but this is not a Fairy specific ritual. I would add to it, call on a fairy to guide you through the meditation, find a ''happy thought'' to relive and hold onto before going deeper to accept and heal from a negative one. The fae can help as a protector, to give you strength when reliving a hard memory. Granted, I would befriend a fairy instead of assuming and calling on any random fae. They can be fickle creatures, and if you do not pay them the respect they deserve can lead you down a path of misfortune.

Mar 10, 2021
The article could use editing in some areas. I don't quite understand why it is advertised as the first ritual ever written by fae. I actually do understand and have taken inspiration from spiritual beings. Writing a poem with the aid of local spirits. But I do not feel either work this article or my poem are the first writings derived by such a method (channeling). And as Tadashi said it is best to form a relationship with fae. A respectful one at that.

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