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Umbrakinesis has been misunderstood here in SoM by three members and a moderator.Possibly more.They said that a shadow can only be created by an object.Well,umbrakinesis just uses negative energy to move photons,thus darkening the area.It is the spiritual rival of photokinesis,because it uses negative energy instead of Psi.And If we are going to believe in umbrakinesis,we might as well believe in all of the Kinesis methods.But I'm writing this to explain something real,but misunderstood.If you disagree,l-l-l-leave!If not,welcome.Umbrakinesis is fairly easy to practice,brain-exploding hard to master.And I will say how to do so.First,you take your RIGHT hand,wich is for giving.The left hand is for taking.Then,you visualise a dark tendril extending,knocking every single photon in the area you want to darken,like the universe cleaning its nose.If you notice a change in brightness,or even extinguishing all the light there,you are doing it right.If nothing happens,please don't hate.

Here is a video wich is totally fake,but gives you a general idea:

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