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A guide for beginners on shielding.


Shielding, at least in my opinion, is considered the most advanced of the ‘basics’ as it relies on your meditation, visualization, grounding, & centering skills. When done properly shielding, will protect you from psychic attacks, entities, outside energies, hexes, curses, spells, physical/spiritual/emotional harm, etc. during your magical workings and everyday life.


Before shielding yourself, it is important to know which type of shield(s) you are going to use. There are 3 main types of shields; the bubble, the mirror, & the layered shield. The bubble shield is your basic, all purpose barrier, which is easy to visualize and great for beginners. A mirror shield is a barrier that is programmed to not only protects you from outside energies, but to send them back to their source. This can be very useful when trying to combat hexes and curses. Lastly, we have the layered shield, a shield composed of multiple layers, with each layer programmed for a different purpose.



Make sure to Center and Ground yourself before shielding to allow for a constant and centered energy flow. If you have trouble maintaining your shield, or it just doesn't feel right, try Centering and Grounding again. To begin, simply visualize an impervious barrier of energy around yourself. For example, you could visualize an indestructible blue bubble surrounding you. The more effort you put into visualizing your shield, the stronger it will be.


Once you feel comfortable creating your shield, I would advise you to make a gesture to use as a mental ‘trigger.’ By doing this repetitively, over time it will automatically get your mind into the proper mental state to create or maintain your shield. This will speed up the process and allow for stronger or more complex shields.


If for some reason you wish to remove your shield, just visualize yourself closing it. This can be done in a variety of ways and I encourage you to experiment. However, a simple technique you can use is to put your arms up and have your shield’s energy collapse (as if you were to burst a bubble) and be absorbed by your body.


Over time, your shields will deteriorate if not properly maintained. To keep your shields in peak performance, visualize your shields being replenished with energy every few days, once again becoming indestructible to outside energies. Alternatively, you could remove your shield and create a new one in its place to allow for a fresh start.


Suggested Assignment

I recommend shielding yourself as soon as possible so you can try it out, and see how it feels. You could also practice creating, removing, and maintaining your shield to provide some good practice.


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