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An article I wrote on my blog/Tumblr decided to bring it over here for people to read. Never said it was amazing so don't hate me for it. More about the basics to most things really.


The Basics The following post is all about the basics of witchcraft itself. No Im not about to start ranting about correspondences and meditation, Im going to talk about the actual things you will most probably always need for success of any kind. You could probably change these and apply them to life in general, whoop!

Note , once again more my personal opinion made on observations and my time practising but I feel a few will agree here. There are probably many more, but Im listing three I think are most important to a practitioner knowledgeable or budding.


  1. Effort: Unless you put effort into your workings, nothing will come of it. You have to put your emotion, your mind, your very soul even, into what you do if you want great success. It isnt just a matter of lighting a candle, doing a jig and saying some words and hey presto! You landed yourself a lover. No, its about the thought, the intent, the energy and the willpower. If you dont put anything in to it, you wont get anything out of it.
  2. Discovery: Believe it or not, discovery is an element in magic too. Its not just about collecting and hoarding recipes and spells. Its about trying them, making your own and finding what works for you. At the same time, it is also about finding the talent and the power you have inside of you, waiting to burst out and dowell stuff. Witchcraft is pointless if you dont get out there and find things that will work for you and get things done. In other words,dont be afraid to make it your own practice. Yes there are things you should watch out for, like stealing, cultural appropriation and stupid people (A plague that seems to spread further every day.), but dont let that stop you from actually making going to get out there and discover new things and make your practice a personal one.
  3. Dedication: Lets face it, if you half-heartedly do it, youre not going to be very good at it. Dedication is a must. If you dont keep on with what youre doing then youve essentially given up already. You have to work and put blood, sweat and tears into it! Going back to effort, you have to actually try. You cant just try it out once than give up when it doesnt work for you. You have to keep working at it. If you dont succeed at first, keep trying, youll be conjuring midnightmargaritasin no time (I wish!).

Yeah, these are three of what I would call the bare bones, the driving forces that keep us in touch with our practice and make us successful.


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