How to meet your spirit guide.

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Ho to meet your spirit guide.

Hey guys today am teaching you how to meet your spirit guide.

First of all you need to know what a spirit guide is.

Well a spirit guide a spiritual being that can take anyform. a spirit guide will be with you until you pass over to the other side. they are NOT slaves. they are there to help you and to help achieve your goals in life. so how do you meet your spirit guide?

there are many ways you can meet your spirits guide, dream,meditation,visions.

The most effective way to meet your spirit guide is meditation, here is a meditation for you.

  • Get relaxed.
  • Ask your guide for a sign
  • Start to focus on your breathing
  • Try to get yourself into a deep meditation. or try and reach your higher self.
  • our guides is our higher self

We can meet our spirit guides in our dreams aswell.

  • Just before you sleep ask your guide to reveal itself in your dream.
  • think about meeting your guide in your dream.
  • ask it to be with you.

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