Conjuration of the Fire God

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The conjuration of the Fire God as found in the H.P. Lovecraft necronomicon and instructions on how to perform it.

Conjuration of the Fire God Located below is the words for the conjuration of the Fire God as found in the Love craft Necronomicon: Spirit of the Fire, Remember! GIBIL, Spirit of the Fire, Remember! GIRRA, Spirit of the Flames, Remember! O God of Fire, Mighty Son of ANU, Most terrifying among Thy Brothers, Rise! O God of the Furnace, God of Destruction, Remember! Rise Up, O God of Fire, GIBIL in Thy Majesty, and devour my enemies! Rise up, O God of Fire, GIRRA in Thy Power, and burn the sorcerers who persecute me! GIBIL GASHRU UMANA YANDURU TUSHTE YESH SHIR ILLANI U MA YALKI! GISHBAR IA ZI IA IA ZI DINGIR GIRRA KANPA! Rise up, Son of the Flaming Disk of ANU! Rise up, Offspring of the Golden Weapon of MARDUK! It is not I , but ENKI, Master of the Magicians, who summons Thee! It is not I, but MARDUK, Slayer of the Serpent, who calls Thee here now! Burn the Evil and the Evildoer! Burn the Sorcerer and the Sorceress! Singe them! Burn them! Destroy them! Consume their powers! Carry them away! Rise up, GISHBAR BA GIBBIL BA GIRRA ZI AGA KANPA! Spirit of the God of Fire, Thou art Conjured! KAKKAMMANUNU! The words in all capitol are the words that are in Sumerian. These words as I have stressed in all of my lessons thus far, should be pronounced correctly. Each letter is pronounced. All you need for this ritual is a candle. Recite the conjuration when focusing into the flame. Stare intently into the flame for a few moments or until you think you have reached the point you have taken in enough energy. Once you look away, close your eyes and let the energy float around in you. This is not a conjuration for a being to appear, this is simply a preliminary test in the Necronomicon to ready oneself to walk the gates. Personally, when I done this ritual I felt as if my body was surrounded by flames. It did not hurt it just felt warm and flowing. On the flip side to it, I have heard someone made it feel like they were in a boat. These are both examples of what people and myself have said when this ritual is performed. Each individual has their own experience and it will feel unique to them. However if no sensation arises take into account if the words were pronounced correctly. There is not much room for error as this is the most simple thing found in the Necronomicon.

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