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Defining what it is and what it is not.

Energy Constructs: A Definition Energy Constructs, by definition, can be defined as energy objects created for the intention of performing a specific job for the creator. In our community, we sometimes refer to energy constructs as shields, energetic shields, psi balls, energy constructs, or simply, constructs. Energy Constructs are often considered a confusing branch for beginning practitioners, so we included an extended "What Energy Constructs Are Not" section here. This section has content that was previously referred to as Energy Manipulation. However, this term recently came under fire due to the fact that under some paradigms, everything Psionics-related can be referred to as energy manipulation. What Energy Constructs are Not When we explain the concept of energy constructs to beginners, it is often misconstrued. Common, wrong, unrealistic views of energy constructs frequently given by beginners are that A. beginners have the ability to hurt people physically with these, and that B. Energy Constructs are visible at all times, and if one can't see them, that means he/she wasn't successful. It is very rare that even an experienced user of this psychic / psionic skill has the ability to *physically* hurt a person with a construct. The second unrealistic view that beginners often have is false because even experienced users of this psychic / psionic skill have trouble with producing a physically visible energetic construct. This can easily be explained by a simple metaphor. Imagine a hypothetical situation where we are in an imaginary basketball court, holding a basketball. The basketball as at a still, stationary state until we throw the basketball in the hoop. It took energy to throw the basketball into the hoop. Did we see that energy? No. We saw the energy in the form of an action, which was the basketball going into the hoop. Energy Constructs are the same way. They are seen in terms of the successful actions they complete. However, this doesn't mean that they can't be seen, it just means that they can't be seen frequently. Psychic / Psionic practitioners who are particularly skilled at creating energy constructs have the ability to create a visible manifestation of an energy construct (most often as a spontaneous action). This is called flaring. Having the view that a beginner can flare or hurt somebody physically with an energy construct is an unrealistic view. Energy Constructs and Skepticism Currently, many individuals maintain a highly skeptical view of energy constructs, simply because their nature remains the least researched, in comparison to other psychic fields / abilities, such as ESP, mentioned on this site. New practitioners are often not eager to start with these, even though they are fundamental for advanced success in Psionics, due to the fact that because in most cases they aren't visible with the physical eye (many new users feel like they are maintaining an illusion, rightfully so). We maintain that although new practitioners can start with other skills, it is recommended to do them in addition to energy constructs(of course, at your own risk).

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