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Gestures of magick.

Triangle of Manifestation - Touch index and thumbs, use to aid in manifesting magick.

Goddess Gestures - Right hand salute waxing moon ) to say hi to the Goddess, left hand to say hi, a waning crescent ( salute to the Goddess of the moon. To blow a kiss, kiss hand, and touch the moon, left hand (the curve in between the thumb and index) is the moon.

Moon Alter - Lock hands, index erect, and hold the moon between them like two pillars, Goddess posture form the algiz rune the peace sign as a posture feet apart hand like a (Y).

Gesture of Blessing - Right hand first three fingers the thumb out index and middle together.

Heart of Manifestation - Form a heart by touching the index and thumbs used for love spells and a salute.

God Gesture - Thumb out index and pink erect, two middle fingers bended in use to salute the lord. It means "I love", I is the pinky, L is the index and thumb, U is the index and pinky. Use this with God spells.

Witches Greeting - Touch the wrist, kiss the back of the spine.

Gestures are ways we communicate to the powers that be and can be used, like for like, in spell work or to direct energy. Witches Point is to tell the lord and lady your target.

Crescent Gesture - erect index and thumb to form a crescent salute the goddess )O(

God Posture - Stand up straight, hands to side and smile (I). A like gesture to a sign to be made clapping hands, for example

thumbs up for yes thumbs down for no. Traditions and covens come up with there own hand shakes to protect from non-members. They can teach you nod head up and down for yes, nod side to side, for no stomp foot three times on the ground to get the Goddesses attention, you may knock three times for this on a tree or wood.

-Blessed Be

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