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A lesson on Lucid Dreaming & Revisiting Dreams.



Being able to control your dreams can be a very valuable ability. Some of the benefits include memory recall (past & present lives), knowing yourself on a deeper level, being able to dream what you want to dream about & easily focusing your mind. However, one of the best benefits for a witch still in the broom closet is that you can use Lucid Dreaming to complete all of your magical workings without anyone knowing or any cleanup.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is the ability to be aware that you are dreaming and then possibly controlling the dream. There are 2 main steps to accomplishing this. First, you have to realize you are dreaming. Second, you have to gain control of the dream so that you can begin directing it in the direction you want. There are many different techniques for doing this but these 3 are the most common I've come across.


  1. By retelling the dreams you experience each night through either writing or talking, it's common for people to begin to realize when they are dreaming and this eventually leads to being fully aware when you're asleep. This method is good for a slow but steady progression into Lucid Dreaming.
  2. By focusing your mind through a repetitive task, it will adjust your mind to subconsciously carry out that task, even when you are asleep. An example of this would be looking at a clock every 10 minutes for the day or week. Eventually, your body will internalize this and when you are dreaming you will look at the clock. When you do this you will become aware that you are dreaming. This method is good for a faster transition into Lucid Dreaming but it requires a lot of effort and consistency.
  3. Before you go to bed you focus your mind and tell yourself, I want to Lucid Dream tonight. If you are focused enough and determined then this method does work. Actually, this is the method I primarily use when I want to Lucid Dream; however, this is not the most reliable method for beginners.

Revisiting A Dream

Once you have become a Lucid Dreamer you might realize that you might want to revisit one of your past dreams. This would be useful if you want to interpret a dream but forgot some of the details.

To revisit a dream, the process is relatively simple. When you are Lucid Dreaming, try to remember images, smells, tastes, noises, etc. about the dream you want to revisit. The more you can remember about the dream, the easier it will be to revisit it. Then let your control of the dream go. Your mind will naturally take you back to where you were in your past dream.

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