Banishing a Troublesome Person

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Banishing a person you don't like.

Items Needed:

  • Black Candle
  • Picture of person
  • Piece of parchment with person's name on it
  • Banishing Oil

The Spell:

  1. Carve the words "Eel Kanno Taf" on the Black Candle.
  2. Anoint the candle with the Banishing Oil.
  3. Place the picture of the person under the candle, and burn the candle for nine nights.
  4. Each night, Meditate and focus strongly on the aim in mind. Imagine strongly the person leaving you alone. Imagine their evil deeds turning back on them. Do this for about 5 minutes.
  5. After your meditation, read the 94th Psalm.
  6. Put the candle out each night after the reading of the Psalm. Do not blow the candle out!
  7. On the last night, allow the candle to burn completely.

(Note: A Purple Candle could also work, but use a Black Candle if the person has been particularly menacing.)

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