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Love spells in action.

All letters published with the permission of the authors.

From the letter: It happened after I divorced my wife. Anything's possible in this life, you know. We'd been together for 15 years. We had a wonderful daughter but it seemed like at some point we became strangers. We quarreled over mere trifles. To be honest, sometimes I was terribly annoyed with my wife. It all grew like a snowball and then I made up my mind to leave her. I couldn't live like that any longer. A couple months later, when I lived a new life, I felt this. I was kind of magnet-attracted to my ex-wife and I couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't stop thinking about her and was jealous. I wanted to see her all the time or at least call her. We met and I felt better. No, I didn't want to make peace with her and return to that life that we had but I couldn't live without her. It was driving me crazy. At night I wake up sweating thinking about her. I take a taxi and go to her. It's crazy but I can't help it. She's like drugs to me now. When I fail to see her for more than three days, I feel withdrawal pains. It's real physical pain. I hate and love her at the same time for what she's done to me. Hmm. It's hard to describe this feeling??

-Andrew 38 years, Moscow

From the letter: My uncle met a woman who's 10 years older than him. People who know her find this relationship weird. When they quarrel, she turns him out of the house. He dates other women but then they get back together and it all happens over again. He's been crazy about this woman for 5 years. People say it may be a love spell.

-Victoria, United States, Michigan

From the letter: Yes, love spells exist and they really work. My wife put a love spell on me when I was 20. We've been together all this time. It's almost 8 years. We have a beautiful daughter and I love her with all my heart. So, it works well on people who do it in the right way! I heard about a couple who'd lived together for 40 years when the husband learnt he'd been put a love spell on. The spell was removed, but the man stayed with his wife because he fell in love with her during all those years of living together.

-Ajith 29, India, New Delhi

From the letter: Hello! I want to order a love spell. This is my situation: I'm married, we have a child. I met a girl at work. At first, I didn't pay attention to her but then I found myself being somehow riveted on her. I couldn't stop thinking about her. My family was pushed to the sidelines. It was me who took the first step and it worked out well at first (we agreed to be lovers). There were some problems though. She had a boyfriend. It was going good but then I got fired for having an office affair with a subordinate (her). My family is a mess and it's my fault. It's not the best time in my life and she leaves me. I feel terribly angry and humiliated. Taking a sober view of things, I come to understand that I shouldn't have started all that. Thank God it's gone now but, I can't help thinking about her. I've lost my heart. I can't gather my thoughts. I don't know, she may've done something to me or I'm just crazy about this person. I don't know if she took advantage of me. In any case, I want her to feel the same. I'm not sure if it's going to be revenge or re-establishment of our relations. Anyway, I do want to do it.

-David 33, England


A love spell is energy-informational (magic) influence on a person aimed to excite emotional and physical attraction towards another person. The more powerful the love spell is, the more attracted the person under this spell will be. There are over 300 types of love spells. As a rule, love spells are put on people without their voluntary consent, so this magic influence (love spells) directly refers to black magic. A love spell, the forth (heart) chakra binding, and the second (sexual) chakra binding, or a sex love spell. In some cases, magical practice may be complex, which means application of both the love spell and the sex spell. A love spell will help you get back the one you're in love with, your husband/wife, fianc/fiance, boyfriend/girlfriend; a love spell will enable you to influence a person to excite feelings towards you. A love spell is some sort of persuasion which makes the person believe that all he/she wants is you. A love spell will turn your unrequited love into mutual one. A love spell is influence which helps people prevent adultery (both that of their own and their loved ones). A love spell will help you avoid a divorce. Most love spells, except for a few black and mental spells, are performed under the growing moon. Mental spells and those with menstrual blood can be performed any day, regardless of the moon phase. Magic also distinguishes days for men and women. It's not as important as the moon phase, yet a properly selected day may add some power to the spell. It's better to put a love spell on the man you love on a men's day and, accordingly, it's better to put a love spell on the woman you love on a women's day. It's advised to perform love spells after sunset, if the ritual description says nothing about the time it should be made . There are also spells which should be performed at midnight when the clock strikes twelve. "Everything you wanted to know about love spell."


-Can you tell us, how long spells remain in effect for? How can one find out whether it's in effect or not and in what way does its negative energy returns to the sender?

Spells differ in power. Everything depends on your purpose. You want, for example, to enter into relations with someone but this person doesn't take the initiative. In this case you can use a not very powerful spell which will unobtrusively influence the person.

-How long will it remain in effect for?

It's hard to say. The spell will encourage this person to take the first step, and then both of you will have to work on development of your relations.There are spells which create a very strong interconnection between people. Such spells attach people to each other. They affect people's line of fortune and create eternal bonds of needing each other. So which kind of spell you choose should depend on the situation. It's very easy to find out if the spell is in effect or not. The behavior of the person under spell will differ (depending on the spell's power) from how he/she used to behave in the past. People under spell may feel an unexplainable desire to communicate with the sender or spend all their life together. Sometimes magic influence may counteract the person's will. In this case rejection of the influence may be observed. The person will try to retreat into himself/herself and keep away. In this case it's necessary to adjust the method of influence and make it more natural. No negative energy returns back to the sender. An experienced magician will take all necessary steps to prevent it from happening. When people make spells or use magic on their own, no one can guarantee anything. Full responsibility for the consequences rests with them.

-Is there a spell which influences the object the same day it's put on?

Yes, but usually less powerful spells are used. It's also necessary to take into consideration the energy of the object. The same spell put in the same way may have different effects on different people. Thus a love spell cast on, for example, a person who is active in terms of psychology and energy will take effect quicker. It means that the feeling of affection won't keep you waiting. Psychological activity implies people's ability to adequately react to outer or inner impulses. Adequate reaction is reaction which has a positive influence on the person's behavior which contributes to achieving the goal. To put it simple, people's psychological activity determines the speed of their adaptation to the changing environment from the point of view of their own aims. Thus, while putting a spell on a psychologically active person, it's necessary to change his/her motives and goals concerning relations. Besides, the object's acceptance of new conditions of relations will be smooth. As for energetic activity, here we speak not only about someone's personality (consciousness), but also essence (consciousness and subconsciousness).

-Is there a way to make love stronger?

Absolutely. In this case people are bound through one of their energy centers (it's not a regular spell as most people understand it). For example, through the heart chakra. In essence, it means focusing the energy into the relevant energy center which makes the relations more vivid and passionate. It should be noted that such focusing may be both permanent and temporary. My favorite example is as following: you shouldn't lose weight too fast and drop 50 kg in two days; to stay healthy, you should lose weight slowly. I believe this statement can also be applied to magic spells. After a love spell takes effect, you should develop your relations slowly. Often people measure their success by sexual attraction. For them, sex means victory. And it's so wrong! It's not the ritual which is important, it's that period when you get to know each other, establish close links with each other and develop your relations. Your relations should be based on reciprocal feelings, respect and love. In this case this relationship will be sound and last for long.

-Will the sender's inability to communicate with the object have a negative effect on the results?

It won't affect the spell's power. It doesn't depend on such external conditions as distance, frequency of meetings, communication format, etc. Yet these factors may affect the magic's effect. Obviously, feelings will appear between two people quicker if they see and talk to each other often.

`What is simpler and maybe less expensive: to put a love spell on the person to evok affection or an evil love spell to forget about this person forever?

First of all, I advise you to thoroughly analyze what caused the situation you are in, your feelings and those of your loved one. You have to find an answer to the question why all this is happening to you. It's definitely easier to influence the client. It'll help to remove energy cyclicity and attraction to your loved one. As a result, you'll have a break and an opportunity to look at the situation from the side. Yet, statistically, the number of love spells significantly exceeds that of evil love spells. Usually, I help clients look at the root of things. Questions like "is it my fate or not" are too vague. I offer services in love magic, including through coordination of actions and by correspondence consultations. You can contact me via e-mail. Don't forget to give me a detailed description of what bothers you and attach photos.

-Is the fact that the client's energy is more powerful than that of the object good or bad for the spell? Is it possible to somehow direct this extra energy to something else to become equal to the object?

It doesn't really matter since it's not you but the magician who puts the spell (if the spell is regarded from the point of view of love magic). Chakras are energy centers of the body. They can be in different states: active and passive. Active chakras are characterized by powerful energy streams processed by the chakra. For example, the heart chakra of the person in love is more active than when this person isn't in love (apart from the heart chakra, other chakras may be activated). With time, chakra's activity may change. If we sum up all chakra activities, we'll have the overall energy level of the person. Here we have to take into consideration other body centers (apart from the seven chakras). As I mentioned before, difference in energy isn't crucial for development of relations. It;s peculiarities of one's character, upbringing and outlook on life which matter. Analyzing all these factors, it's possible to reach a conclusion whether the two people belong together or not.

-Once you wrote a person may escape the spell's influence. How often does it happen and why?

Magic isn't personal. It doesn't apply only to you or me. It's an integral part of the universe. That's why we should speak about susceptibility and reaction which are different for all people. Some people respond to magic spells quickly, others aren't that open and withdraw into themselves. In any case, spells have an influence on people and circumstances.

-Is the number of people knowing about the spell important? Does it affect the spell's quality and time frame?

It's advisable that no one but you and the magician knows about the spell. I came across situations when the person under spell learnt the truth. It always came to no good.

-Should I think about my loved one while at work?

You shouldn't be obsessed with the one you love. Of course, it's hard not to think about this person. You should also note that a love spell may indirectly intensify your sensitiveness. Nevertheless, try to divert your attention, relax, do something, work, or go on a trip. Your attitude towards the spell is also important. It's not the magician, it's you who will have to later establish relations. The magician has no opportunity to meet, talk and call this person. If you expect a failure, your mood will affect your behavior and the situation in general.

-What does the time frame a love spell will work depend on (as a rule, the average time frame for success after completion is one or sometimes two months)?

There are no rules here. Obviously, every situation is individual. First of all, a magician examines the problem to understand what the solution to it may be. If the client wants to put a spell on another person and agrees to all terms, the magician starts working. There is one more factor which is important when love spells are casted. It's interconnection between the two. If it's strong, it's much simpler for a magician to evoke feelings. If not, it'll take the magician more time to do.

-What are the signs of a love spell?

Sometimes people experience mood swings, their thoughts and actions may contradict to each other, love is followed by indifference and hatred. Mood swings are related to changes in energy. Yet it's not always the case. Such signs may also indicate a hex. Sometimes people just behave like this due to some natural factors. So be careful while giving a diagnosis. Depending on the person's peculiarities, a love spell may evoke real love for the sender. In this case it'll be difficult to determine if a love spell exists. You'll see just a happy person who has no idea as for what caused this happiness.

-Do love spells affect people's fate?

Yes, there are certain changes, of course. As for me, I try to avoid using methods which will irreversibly change a person's psychic. I try to renew old feelings and create new bonds, strengthen and develop relations. That's why I prefer to work slowly, step by step achieving the goal. The smoother and more delicate I work, the easier it is for the person to adjust to the influence. Naturally, it can't be applied to curses, evil love spells, hexes, etc. As you understand, other methods are used here.

-Can people under spell understand they've been put a love spell on?

It's an interesting question. It depends on the purpose. If the client wants the object to learn the truth, then it's possible. Otherwise, it's not. When I cast a spell on someone, I try to do everything I can to conceal my interference. There may be some traces left in the astral body though, like it happens when you worry about some unpleasant situation, but that's all. Any fortune-teller will tell you these are just insignificant ruptures. I prefer to work slowly to make sure my influence corresponds to the development of the object's feelings. I want to encourage the object to take the first step, renew and intensify affection, respect, trust and devotion which accompany people in love. In this case the object won't understand that he/she has been put a love spell on. Moreover, the object will subconsciously try to assist me in what I do.

-If a person under spell learns the truth, will the results remain?

This information will be a hard blow for this person. Consequences of the object learning the truth may reveal themselves on both emotional and physical levels. Any action of the sender will appear to the object to be part of the love spell. Most sincere feelings and emotions will be perceived as false. If you want to establish stable relations with a person, you have to do your very best to prevent him/her from learning about the love spell. Sometimes people order love spells to make someone suffer. In this case clients often create conditions for the object to learn the truth, as if by accident.

-Can a love spell arouse love?

Yes, arousing love, real and sincere, is the goal both my clients and me try to achieve.

Is it possible to put a love spell which will remain active forever?

Life will put everything right. Love spells evoke strong feelings and you, by maintaining and strengthening them with your love, will live a happy married life and reach old age together.

-Is it allowed to use candles and photos?

I mean reading love spells looking at the photo. Candles are used in most rituals. They represent the fire element which is used for focusing energy or destruction, which is also called "burning". Photos help magicians focus on the object. Yet you won't get a successful spell outcome if you just read your spell looking at the photo. It's the magician's special state and ability to scan information concerning the object's state from the planet's egregor which matter.

-Could you tell us what empathy is?

Empathy is the capacity to recognize other people's feelings and emotions. If people's interconnection is strong enough, they can feel each other at a distance. Sometimes, they can read each other's minds (I experienced that). As for what causes this interconnection, it may be anything, such as love, hatred, etc. In neuro-linguistic programming this state is called rapport (NLP rapport is the ability to relate to others in a way that creates trust and understanding). Empathy is the ability to understand other people's inner state or see situations as other people see them. Empathy allows people delicately perceive other people's mental activity. If you are this close with someone, this person understands what's going on with you from away and distance loses its significance. This person is able to feel changes of your mood, feelings and emotions.

-What is a karmic knot?

A karmic knot is conditionality of acquiring experience in this or that field. For example, a person faces a troublesome situation which repeats itself many times later in life. Actually, people are able to untie karmic knots on their own, yet "burning" pain without removing its cause is unreasonable. It's more important to find out what lets you down returning you back to your starting position.

-Can a love spell fail to work?

Love spell casting is very delicate. It's independent of psychical objects, time and space limitations. It depends on such factors as relations between the client and his/her loved one, their thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. Naturally, one should wait to see the results of a love spell (depending on the spell's power and methods used by the magician). Note that people can't feel subtle changes in their mentality because such changes occur deep within the subconscious mind. The way people think changes, and they begin to live, feel and think differently.

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