An Example of a Wiccan Journal Entry

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This is what a wiccan journal entry should look like, in case you're confused.

Day of the week, Month Date, Year, Time (include AM or PM)

Daily Horoscope: Write your full horoscope. Don't leave anything out.

Today's Emotions: Think the day over, and remember how you felt about each event and list those emotions.

Important Details: If you did anything like a ritual, worship, or making a wand, list it. Do not list spells that you cast. If you had a pretty non magical day, list the things that made you feel strong emotions.

Fortunes: If you do Tarot readings, read yourself every day. If not, go to the fortunes section and have Mora read you.

Spells Cast: Here write anyspells you cast and the result of the spell, if you know yet.

Dreams: If you had a dream, no matter how weird and random, record it. All dreams mean something.

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Jan 24, 2020
This is super helpful. As someone who is involved in the phases of the moon, I also track the moon's phase and moon sign, as well as my mood and the weather. Practicing that alongside divination helps you learn to better understand patterns.

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