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Store the oils in a cool, dark place. (Do not refrigerate after it is mixed.) Sunlight weakens the strength of the oils. Oil is often consecrated with a prayer that is appropriate to the individual's faith. A good way to consecrate the oil for all beliefs is to cup the bottled mixture in both hands, raise it towards the sky and repeat, "With respect to the powers of nature and the elements, I consecrate this oil with the power of goodness." Simple, but effective.

Attraction Oil: Equal parts of Rose oil, Lavender oil, Vanilla oil, and Sandalwood oil. Touch to pulse points when in the presence of the one you want to attract.

Lucky Oil: 1/2 of the oil should be pure Olive oil, 1/4 part Myrrh oil, 1/4 part Jasmine oil. Anoint feet before putting on shoes you will wear in a situation where you want to feel lucky.

Power Oil: Equal parts of Patchouli oil, Cinnamon oil, and Vanilla oil. Touch to pulse points (especially at wrists and temples) prior to going into a situation you need to have power over.

Protection Oil: Equal parts of Hyacinth oil, Jasmine oil, Orange oil, Musk oil, and Anise oil. Touch the oil around the area that needs protection (such as your home) or on yourself. (It is said that touching this oil to the bottom of your feet allows you to run away from evil.)

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