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When performing magic rituals the spellcaster should always be positive and fearless, completely respecting the powers of the universe and the self. Remember that no spell will work unless truth, faith and courage are behind it. White magic is used to promote goodness and is not about controlling or manipulating any individual.

1. Advance Preparation: This includes the gathering of ritual tools and the obtaining of ingredients appropriate to the spell. Magical tools, herbs, colors, numbers, incense etc - are carefully selected in each ritual for their significance, resonating energy powers, symbolism and potency. Each spell should be cautiously adhered to and carried through to the end with conviction.

2. Physical Preparation: Prepare the ritual area with tools, symbols and arranging the alter.

3. Self-Preparation: A ritual purification bath with candles and incense and meditation are essential for focusing energy. Remember the importance of discretion: perform each ceremony in absolute privacy and avoid cultivating an air of mystery, as negative energy from family and friends may interfere with the potency of your spells.

4. Asperging the Sacred Area: Ritual cleansing can be done by sprinkling salt water over the area to be used for the ceremony.

5. Casting the Circle: To enhance positivity, a protective barrier is cast before each spell. Visualize a circle of white light surrounding yourself and the sacred area, with energy running clockwise. Tell yourself it is an impenetrable barrier that no harm can cross.

6. State your purpose: It is essential in the practice of witchcraft to define the purpose of your work. Remember that in witchcraft you get what your you ask for, so it is important to specify every detail and to fundamentally understand the ethics and origins of the rituals you plan to perform.

7. Raising Power: Chanting, singing and yogic breathing are excellent ways to summon power. It is up to the spell caster to decide the most effective method.

8. Channeling Power: This done by visualizing the goal as being achieved. Use either a photographic image or something belonging to the person for whom the spell is being cast.

9. Earthing excess energy: This important as some forms of witchcraft can be draining on an individual. Once you feel that you have accumulated sufficient power, lie face down and place your palms on the earth so the energy can literally run back into the earth.

10. Opening the Circle: After thanking the universe for empowering the ritual circle, it is time for the ritual circle to be opened. Blow out the ceremonial candle and repeat: "As I do will, so mote it be."

Warning! Do Not Perform This When You...

  • Have a weak or damaged energy field from emotional trauma or substance abuse  
  • Feel mentally confused or have an altered state of consciousness as a result of drugs;
  • Work outside the protection of a well cast circle;
  • Feel anger or resentment towards a particular person.

Taken from: http://www.bebo.com/BlogView.jsp?MemberId=6774364097&BlogId=6774767311

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