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How to cleanse tools and consecration.


There are several ways to clease magickal tools.
Here are a few ways:

  • Bury it in earth for 3 days.
  • Set on a bed of rock salt for 3 days.
  • Pass through sage smoke.
  • Wash it in pure spring water, with seasalt.
  • Leave it overnight during a new or full moon.

Be careful and catiious, when working with certain materials. So items depending what they are made from will react badly to the sea salt, go here to check

Link: (this is mainly for crystals)


Many spells ask you to consecrate, an object after cleansing it.The act of consecrating takes place on a new or full moon. The Act of consecration is: blessing an object with all elements for magickal purposes and use.Should be done after cleansing.

Consecration riual:

Materials Needed:

  • Candle, light colored
  • Sage wand
  • Dish of salt water

Set up your ritual space, then either cast circle, or meditate until your mind is clear.
Invoke the god and goddess by saying:
" Great Mother, Great Father, I ask you both to join me as I consecrate this , for magickal work ."
Light the candle and sage then place your hands on the tool and say,:
" I consecrate this for magickal purpose.It is released from all worldly energy and carries the energy of the elements ."

Pass it over the flame saying:" By the fire, it is blessed. "
Pass it over through the sage smoke, and say: " By the air, it is blessed ."
Sprinkle the salt water over it and say:" By Water and Earth,it is blessed ."

[As you pass it through the elements, envision the energy filling and surrounding the object.]

Place your hands over the tool again and say:
" I consecrate this , for magickal purpose.May it bring me transformation, health, and wisdom.This is consecrated by all elements and this will of the gods. And it harm to none, so mote it be ."

Optional,but recommended: Thank the god and goddess for joining you and release them, saying:" Farewell and blessed be ." Let the sage and candle burn down.

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Jul 16, 2023
Thank you for this. I was curious; is it a spell i could modify to cleanse a space instead of objects or would it not be recommended?

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