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This article discusses the various Chinese Zodiac.



The rat is a symbol of shyness,malice and prosperity. Chinese name shu,rats are honest but greedy, generous but petty, charming but tiresome, seductive but suspicious, energetic but destructive, meticulous but manipulative, sociable but power hungry, persistent but agitative,humorous but gamblers, intellectual but disquiet, honest but profiteering.


The Ox is a symbol of spring and agriculture,truth in actions. Oxen are family orientated, hard working but resist change, methodical but slow, leaders but bad losers, proud but stubborn, precise but rigid, eloquent but conventional, self sacrifice but misunderstood, original but bossy, strong but vindictive.


The Tiger is a symbol of military prowess,scarer of evil spirit ,military strength.Tigers are generous but rash, lucky but hasty, strong but stubborn, authoritative but uncompromising, sensitive but quarrelsome,passionate but hot headed.Tigers have magnetic and powerful personalities,they are foolhardy but lucky.


The Horse is a symbol of speed and endurance Chinese name ma.Horses are amiable but weak, eloquent but hot headed, self possessed but pragmatic, quick witted but tactless, charming but selfish, independent but rebellious, powerful but ruthless, hardworking but impatient, jolly but foppish,sentimental but unfeeling, sensual but predatory. Horse people are pleasant,likeable,hardworking and very independent.


The Monkey is a symbol of skill and humor,Chinese name hou.Monkeys are intelligent but dissimulating, witty but vain,affable but longwinded,good at business but tricky, enthusiastic but opportunists, passionate but unfaithful, fascinating but crafty, clever but unscrupulouse.Monkeys are bright funny and sociable but can be devious and very mischievous.


The Dog is a symbol of future and wealth Chinese name gou. Dogs are magnanimous but stubborn, courageous but defensive, loyal but critical, devoted but guarded, selfless and faithful but moralizing, modest but forbidding, prosperous but cynical, philosophical but pessimistic, intelligent but introverted. Dogs are watchful and suspicious but honorable in themselves and not self seeking, they are cautious in all they do


The Rabbit is a symbol of the moon and long life.chinese name tu. Rabbits are discreet but aloof, sociable but dilettante, sensitive but squeamish, ambitious but devious, prudent but faint hearted, virtuous but old fashioned, clever but pedantic.


The Dragon is a symbol of power,strength,kindness,alertness and protection, Chinese name lung. Dragons are sentimental but are easily infatuated, enthusiastic but demanding, intuitive but judgmental, shrewd but irritable, spirited but stubborn, influential but willful, artistic but otherworldly, generous but loud mouthed, lucky but impetuous, successful but malcontent,dragons consider themselves as superior.


The Snake is a symbol of flattery,malice and cunning,Chinese name she. Snakes are wise but phlegmatic, accommodating but tight fisted, intuitive but self critical, attractive but ostentatious, amusing but presumptuous, lucky but lazy, sympathetic but fickle, elegant but extravagant, compassionate but vengeful, philosophical but sore losers, calm but possessive.Snakes are alluring and magnetic are very talented but have character weaknesses.

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