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The "Brownie Game" is a game played in the forums where a question is posed, and whoever answers it first receives the "brownies" and then asks a question in return. These are previous "Brownie Game" facts.


What type of energy is water?

Its elemental energy. (ChironJackal)

What is a common name for Ienpw?

Anubis. (Lonicera)

What is the scientific name for Dandelions and their magical correspondences?

Taraxacum Officinale. It can be used in healing, wish spells, divination, spirit work, psychic visions, psychic abilities, & communing with the goddesses Bridget or Diancecht. (Lonicera)

What is the magical use of Mugwort?

It can be used to promote psychic abilities while dreaming and to induce very vivid dreams. (Lonicera)

Witch's Cross & Druid's Foot are both names for which Pagan symbol?

The Pentagram. (ChironJackal)

According to astrology, what can you expect from Mercury in retrograde?

Generally, its a time filled with bad luck and other chaos such as arguments, computer crashes, car problems, etc. However, its a good time to practice psychic work and find lost items. (Lonicera)

What is sympathetic magick?

Sympathetic magick is based off of the principle that effect resembles cause. To cause it to rain, emulate rain by sprinkling water. For example, Crowley spent a day following a man around and emulating literally his every act and mannerism. Later, to demonstrate sympathetic magick, Crowley walked on the opposite side of the street from this man he'd been emulating and he deliberately tripped. As you may have guessed, this caused the man he'd copied to trip, seemingly over nothing, much to the confusion of him and those who had been traveling with him. (RedChiron)

What deity appears both as an ibis & a baboon?

Thoth. (Ulfheidn)

What are the elemental attributions of the 4 elemental weapons in magick?

  • East:Air:Athame
  • South:Fire:Wand
  • West:Water:Chalice
  • North:Earth:Pentacle (PeyoteCoyote)

What is Ragnarok?

Ragnarok comes from the Norse tradition and lore. Supposedly it is the "twilight" or "end-times" of the Gods. It's essentially a giant, giant battle. Several deities are loosed: Fenrir breaks free from his chains, Loki is unbound, and the Jotunfolk begin to move. Fenrir's two offspring, Skoll and Hati, devour the moon and the sun. The jotunfolk will fight against the Aesir and the Vanir. Surt will burn the heck out of everything, and a lot of destruction will take place. Many, many of the Gods will die. In the end, only two humans and a few Gods supposedly remain. There are more details to it, but that's the basic structure of it. (LokisDottir)

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