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The Wand- The wand is used when evoking spirits. Especially good ones such as angels and planetaey intellegences. It should be either of hazel or almond. The names Alpha Tetragrammaton Omega should be carved on one side. It should be properly blessed, and fumigated

The Sword- the sword is used when evoking demons and spirits of mars. It should be of a cruciform hilt with a handle of horn at best. If not, any ceremonial but not overly decorated one will do. It should have the name AGLA. on one side and Adonai on the other. It should as always, be blessed and fumigated

The Magic Circle- it's a protective circle around you enscribed with names of God and blessed with holy water

The Robes- the should be of linen but if you have the resources for silk, so the better. If doing a planetary working, the robe can be the color ascociated with that planet for example, a golden robe when working with the sun. the same goes for elemental workings for example, a red robe when working with salamanders. I just have a white silk robe that I use for everything.

The sprits sigil- every spirit has Its own sigil which is a design that corresponds to it. Sometimes, you wear it around your neck as a lamen. You usually only do this when working with the goetia. Most of the time, you draw the sigil on paper and have it on your altar. If the spirit were to be disobedent, hit the sigil with the sword.

Incense- yeah, this is actually more important than you think, I guess it kind of "feeds" the spirits and gives them the energy to manifest.?

The Black Box- this is found in the goetia. It is a black box of cast iron with a chain attatched. If the spirit is really disobedent or refuses to come, you take the sigil and bind it in the box with sulfur, dirt, and other stinking substances while pronouncing "the lesser curse" if the problem persists, then you dangle the box over a fire while pronouncing "the greater curse"

Lamen- this is a protective design you wear around your neck. In a grimoire called the grimoire of Turiel, there are 7 lamens for each planet if you are working with planetaey magic plus one general lamen to be worn when evoking other spirits. When working with the goetia, the spirits sigil is worn around the chest as a lamen

This list is by no means complete. I'll be adding to it later.

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