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A couple of misconceptions about magick.

Magick provokes many thoughts in varying individuals. Some people think of magic in terms of fictitious shows, such as Harry Potter. Others think of magic in terms of satanic-rituals and so on. Magick is not either of these things. The definition of magick varies from each person, depending on how they view it and use it.?

Magic is not "devil work", there is no all powerful evil being in the craft. There is a rule that many follow, which states :"if it harms none, do what ye will". Another common misconception is that magick can be used as a means to make you immortal or other-worldly, transforming you into things such as vampires and werewolves.? You cannot do those things, as they are impossible. Purely fiction! In the physical these things are not real. No matter what people say or how confident they are, if they say they're a blood sucking vampire, or a transforming werewolf, they are lying.

Magick is not all about invoking spirits and demons and using them to do your will, either. Unless you know the basics and have studied this course of spirit work, you should not even attempt it. Many people spend years studying this before they are successful. Not all spirits or demons are evil, but they should be approached with caution. Spirits can become scared, confused, or angry and will lash out. Demons are similar, commonly working to achieve their goal by any means.

Magick is not all about making everyday life easier for you. Spells such as?"make your house clean" or "turn your animal a different color" is insulting and annoying. Magick is not a tool to do these needless things for no reason. It should be treated with respect. Magick is there to aid you when you need help, life is hard, or to turn fate in your favour.

Magick is energy. As such there are limits, no physical changes, nor impossible human feats. Magick takes dedication to grow strong with, no change or bloodline will automatically equal great power. If one learns to focus, one can cast powerful true spells.

Finally, magick has no colour. Magick is energy, it is the spell caster who uses that energy in a positive [white magick] or negative [dark magick] way. All-in-all, I hope you now view magick a little differently.

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