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What magic is all about.

Magic - some people think of wands flashing or flying on brooms, but no that is not what it is. Magic is made to help people, not to hurt them or to make people suffer, but it is made to make people happy and stop evil. Yes, curses can be used, but that is only if the person will not stop, no matter what you do. Magic is not good or bad; it is the user of the magic. Magic can bring good things and bad things but you have to give something to get something and if you play with magic it will play back. That does not mean it is evil, it means that you can't do bad things or bad things come to you. For the religious people, magic is Devil stuff because God gave us the power to help, not harm. If magic is so evil, then why does our main rule state "If it harms none, then do what you will"? So no, it is not evil. People, this stuff is not a toy. You must give respect (sometimes great respect). Don't play with stuff when you don't know how to work with it. I always say "Don't invoke it unless you know what it is". For people who started magic for a year or 3, don't think you can go around teaching this stuff, because you could just make things go wrong. I used magic for 6 years now and I am still learning and if you think you can teach this stuff, then you better have practiced for like, 21 years because it is very powerful and magic will not be easy to get out of. Don't even think that you can fight magic with nothing or just your self because you cant. You have to fight magic with magic or religion with magic. You should not ever work with demons or Devils and stuff because it always, always and I mean always ends very badly. Don't even think "Oh but I can handle it" or "I can do it", because unless you know the old religion, and I mean know it front to back, then don't even think it because it will just end badly. I say all this stuff from experience because all this stuff happened to me so I know this. Ouija boards should never be used without the proper protection because it will make you possessed or a demon or something might come through, so read a book on it before you use it. In fact, you should read about this stuff before you ever try it. But like I said, unless you know the old religion front and back, then don't try anything big like demons or necromancy and stuff. You need to know every little thing before you even try to do something. I know you're thinking "Yeah yeah, sure", but I know how to do this. Someday,  you will be giving the same message as I am.

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