The Qabalistic Cross and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

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An excellent high magick ritual for clensing a work space before a spell or ritual, a tool to increase disapline and train your will.

These rituals are used for cleansing a space before any magical working and for closing too. They are excellent groundwork in high magick. To increase discipline do these rituals at the beginning and end of the day at the same time if possible. For ridding yourself of worry, simply visualize your concern and push it away from you, then perform this ritual and see the image being burned away outside the ring of protective light. Also it is very good in preparation for astral projection. With all magickal workings i suggest writing a diary as it gives you a written record on what you have done, its results and how you observed it. Also if you wish learn a section at a time. For example the Qabalistic cross, then the inscription of the pentagrams then the invocation of the archangels until you have it down to a tee. You will need for this yourself and the power of your will. The Qabalistic Cross Stand facing east take either you left or right hand (which ever you feel right to do this with) touch your head and say Ateh (thou art), touch the breast and say Malkuth (Mal-kooth) which translates into "the kingdom". Touch your right shoulder and say Ve-Geburah (Vay-geb-or-rah) which translates as "and the power". Touch your left shoulder and say Ve-Gedulah (Vay-ged-you-lah) which translates into "and the glory". Finally cross your hands across your breast and say Le-Olam (to the ages) Armen (Lay-orh-lahm-Ar-men). While doing this you should visualize the light forming a cross upon you. This is the qabalistic cross used by the golden dawn (more about them later). It should also be used before any working however minor. The Inscription of the Pentagrams For the Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, the pentagram of earth will be used. This is going to be difficult to explain without more of a visual guide but i will do my best and of course any questions just ask away.To inscribe an earth pentagram used in this ritual straighten your arm in front of you and inscribe it into the air, visualize the pentagram appearing before you in a bright white light. Start at you left thigh and bring your hand up to the top of your head and down to your right thigh forming an inverted "v" then bring your hand to a left point on your body around shoulder height, go straight across and then down to your left thigh again. Face the east and inscribe the first pentagram as you draw your hand back to your chest breath in stab the center of the pentagram and vibrate/say the god name YHVH (Ye-ho-wah) using the full exhale. Keep your hand extended and turn to the south, repeat as before and say the god name ADNI (Ah-don-nai) Turn west , repeat and say AHIH (Eh-he-yay) Finally turn to the north, repeat the process and say AGLA (Ah-gla) with hands outstretched return to the east. At this point you should see in front of you the lines of the pentagrams cutting into the air and the circle of flame protecting you. If your first tries are disappointing do not be discouraged as when you have mastered the visualization work here it will be very rewarding. Also when saying/vibrating the god names imagine you are sending that name to the very corners of the universe. The Invocations of the Archangels Cross your arms over your chest in the sign of the cross and proclaim with true feeling and energy Before me Raphael (Rah-fey-el) Behind me Gabriel (Gab-ray-el) On my right hand Michael (Mee-kay-el) On my left hand Auriel (Or-ray-el) For about me flames the pentagram And above me shines the six rayed star The visualization are very important here as the strengthen the ritual. See the archangels in the quarters Raphael clothed in yellow with the wind blowing behind him holding a wand. In the west Gabriel holding up a cup with water flowing from it clothed in shimmering blue. To the south Michael the archangel of fire stabbing a flaming sword into the air clothed in red. Then to Auriel clad in the colors of earth standing, firmly grounded, on a pentacle. Look down and visualize a pentagram which you are stood in the middle, look above and see the hexagram shining brightly. Also when the invocation of the archangels is complete you will feel your power rise. The Qabalistic Cross is then repeated and then the ritual is completed I hope you have found this useful Blessed be.

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