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A time honoured and very effective grounding ritual used in the practise of high magic

The middle pilar exercise is a high magick technique to ground yourself before doing maGical work and centering your focus. It is also usefull for relaxing and destressing. Another point is that it is excellent for visulisation skills and getting used to the flow of energy.

The name come from the middle piller from the tree of life(well duh lol) and it is called this, as occultist strives to achieve perfect balance, hence the middle pillar.You have kether which is associated with the sprit and the crown of your head. Kether is at the top of the pillar as the spirit is closer to the devine.

Next is Daat which is assoiciated with the element air and the thorat. Point of note if you are new to astral travel of simply wish to try another way concentrate on your throat and visualise a sphere of energy glowing there and vibrate the god name YHVH Elohim(ye-ho-wah el-o-heem). visulise the light increasing, at this point you may feel a tightness in your airways dont fight it just keep going. Soon a wave of vibration will pass throughout you, increase its speed, you may feel becoming unbalnced but alas this is mearly the sepertion of your astral and pysical bodys. When this happens keep your mind blank and then let yourself go.As anything it takes pratise but try it out and see what happens for you. Anyway i digress back to business

Tiphareth is assiociated with the element fire and the heart. both asspect assiociated with passion feeling and strength

Yesod is associated with water and the genitals, both bring life.

Finally Malkuth is assoicated with the earth and the feet. Our feet stand firmly on the earth and the energy flows into us through our feet.

Right to the ritual.

Stand facing east and visualise a sphere of white light just above the top of your head(kether). make it grow and radiate light in all directions. When you can feel it there make a line of white ight enter the top of your head and say/vibrate AHIH(Eh-he-yay)

The light desends into your throat(Daat) and emerges as a brilliant purple shere, once this shpere has grown and to enclose your throat say/vibrate YHVH Elohim(Ye-ho-wah El-o-heem)

The light moves into your solar plexus and becomes a brilliant golden sphere and then say/vibrate YHVH Aloah va-Daat(Ye-ho-wah El-o-ah va-Da-art)

Next it goes down to your genatils(Yesod) where again it turns to a purple sphere and then say/vibrate Shaddai el Chia(the ch sound is said the same as you woud in loch)

Finally it reaches your feet(malkuth) and forms a large black sphere which your feet stand upon, you may find yourself rooted to the spot at this point but dont worry its jus the energy connecting to the earth. Say the godname ADNI ha-Aretz(Ah-don-ai ha Ah-retz)

After this is done you should be throughly grounded and ready to preform your magical workings with balance and focus. The names used in here are the godnames asociate with the spheres on the tree of life.

Vibrating a sound is something which takes a bit of practise and yes it can feel silly sometimes when doing it especially in the begining.

I hope you find this usefull and i will post the quabalistic coss and the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram up either tonight or tommorow.

May I also add that i first came across this ritual in the Techniques oh High Magic by Francis King and Stephen Skinner an excellent book for those wishing to study higher magic

Blessed be LadyO

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