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I recieve so many messages about how to cast spells so that they actually work. Well, I do have my process and my spells work very well for me, so I am sharing it with you....?

First off, spell casting is more than just chanting some spell you found somewhere on the internet and expect it to miraculously happen. Trust me, THIS IS NOT Charmed or Harry Potter. It most likely won't work like you expect, and if it does, you're extremely lucky. Spell casting is so much more than that. Good spell casting includes several different components, including: A good spell; Visualization; Good Verbal Transition; Calling your quarters, guides, etc.; Flow of Energy; and Complete Concentration.?

You see, a spell you found somewhere on the internet is most likely fake and you should use extreme caution. Proper spell casting involves the creation of your own spells which will give you much more power because it involves your own personality and emotions. You will learn how to create your own spells. You just need to give it some time and a lot of practice.?

Spell Casting:?

1. MEDITATION: You need to meditate on the spell at hand; what do you expect to happen? You need to believe in your desired outcome to give your self and your spell more energy. The more you concentrate on what you are doing, the better. Five to ten minutes should be sufficient, but really concentrate.?

2. COMPONENTS/INGREDIENTS: Gather all the necessary components to complete your spell, (materials that you'll need) You need to be certain all the components and equipment that you need to complete your spell are together before you begin so that you will not need to stop in order to find a missing ingredient. Also, when you write your own spells, personal items you use to do your spell casting will be more powerful because they contain your vibration.?

3. MEMORIZATION: Memorizing your spell will have far more effect than just reading it off a sheet of paper. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully, and visualize the specific goals that you?re trying to accomplish. Also, be sure to visualize the completed process, i.e., how you will feel once it has been completed and you can see it working. Give all your senses the opportunity to work with you here.?

4. FORGET ABOUT IT: Once your spell casting has been completed, forget about it. Forget everything you did, said, smelled, burnt, etc., and just move on to something else. You have to give your spell the chance to work at an optimum level. You see, if you continue to think about it, the vibrations become interrupted in their course and thus, your spell has less power.?

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