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Summary of the History of Deep Arts As told by Darkermaster & Draggy to date.

This is a dedication to britty the founder of this coven. This was in another thread and it tells of the history in her own words and it seemed wrong for me to change anything. so this is from britty;

Hello and welcome all to the coven of Deep Arts. Let's give you a bit of history on us. I am Britty_55, or used to be that is. I am the proud founder of this coven and former High Priestess. Deep Arts is relatively new compared to other covens but to most it is what you may refer to as middle aged.

This coven originated from the idea of a coven not for humans but for supernatural beings. This was an ignorant idea I must admit, thank you again Shadow old friend for our epic argument that set me straight. Anyway, Deep Arts was then changed. It was then a coven for all types of magick. Upon noticing that all other covens for ''all types of magick'' were being mocked and taking up precious space, I decided to change Deep Arts once more. It then became the coven it is today.

Now the original reason I ever had members was because I so desperately began sending invitations to random people asking them to join. I got up 15 members, more than half of which were completely inactive. Among them was Zarath along with DarkEmperor and Merlin09 (2 important people or roles in my story here).

But I'm not telling my story, I'm telling the story of Deep Arts. I was not ready for the amount of work involved in running a completely new coven alone (at first, I grew into it); so I decided to take in my most active member as my Priest. DarkEmperor. That was a mistake. As my coven grew so did my maturity and my understanding of magick itself. I grew more and learned more in 5 going on to 6 years than Zarath could ever fake (;D inside joke). I noticed DarkEmperor was obsolete. He wasn't a very good choice as Priest, and thus my rein as an independent Coven Leader began. Following DarkEmperor was Merlin09 (Zarath had left by then to create his own coven because I wouldn't make him council, (yes Guild of Mages was my fault).

Merlin09 was made Priest because he was officially my oldest member one my original members and he deserved the position. He soon proved less than worthy for it as well only posting and being active when I half drug him in here. I was tired and exhausted so I looked at my newest most active member, the wise and rather knowledgeable Blackthorn81. She was magnificent. I made her ''Priest''. At first we did wonderfully. Something went down, a glitch in the system changed her views of me, she lost trust in me, did something she ended up regretting which unfortunately made me decide to remove her. Another thank you to AdeptNymph for helping me out in a horrid situation, I still owe you. :) I then replaced her with my Riuko_Reins account, thus how I became Priest.

Some more things went down that convinced me that my time spent here was an absolute waste so I played a little trick on Florrie my most recently most active member... while she was thinking I was on vacation and only taking care of the coven temporarily I was really in here watching her to see if she fit the job as Priestess. She was my first choice in successor, and when I asked her to be my successor and take over Deep Arts when I leave she said ''Yes!''. I rejoiced, told her about my plans and she let me know that was suspecting that I was up to something, she was totally right. I plotting her promotion from council to coven leader, muahahaha! She seems to be doing just fine now. She said it's even rather easy for her, bonus!Britty was worried that Florrie not having the time or energy but she's o.k with all of it, yay.

That, brings us to here, to the present day. And here we are old and new members. to all the new members who never got to know her this should help you get the idea of how wonderful a priestess she was, dedicated to the coven, her members and her friends. She was a firey, straight talking, red head who let you know how she felt on a subject with no holding back which was a good quality, but she also had a caring and funny side ( she liked a laugh :). So its up to us to keep the coven alive, fun and a place of learning. Lets make britty proud, as we are proud of her, and sad to see her go.


To bring the history up to date, Coven was passed on after Dakermaster, his wife, and close friend of the family Honeydew2 stepped away from SOM to pursue the building of the UK Church of Satanism. After their departure, the Coven fell into a rough patch where the P/PS changed quite a bit, members dropped, and the whole family feel seemed to have vanished as well. Currently Neosra and Draggsters have taken over, hopefully being the last major change for a while. By working together we can all bring the old family feel back and make this a warm inviting home once again as intended. ~ Draggy Feb. 22, 2011


Draggsters was given a choice when administration found out the Neorsa was a GoS. He chose to save the coven and replace both leaders with two of the existing members, MaraXXX and Nefermaryn. We have high hopes for these two as we did for Draggsters, and Neorsa, but hopefully this time thins will work out. ~ Zea Mar. 14, 2011


Life happens and the Coven was reverted back to RashnuX & Draggy_ (Nakir).Deep Arts has always been one of those Covens that is cared about, enjoyed, and loved. Never has this Coven been handed off like some book, as many many other Covens have been here on SoM. The entire P/PS order it has had can be counted on less than 2 hands; when a successor runs into issues inside or outside of the Coven resulting in their need to step down, it has always reverted back to its predecessors. And by doing this, the Coven will always experience a progression and continual growth. Though a Coven may change direction, it will never lose its passion or legacy.

This Coven was originally built by people who strived to learn & study their craft, understand their craft, and pass on that knowledge to the newcomers of their respective paths. We, as Coveners, have striven with that same passion to see to it that that same collective inspiration is carried on in the absence of those founders.


~Draggy Oct. 25, 2011


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