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How to pronounce Enochian words and the background of Enochian magick.

Pronouncing Enochian Words:

The enochian words when spoke should be said slowly and broken up. The word beliore is said BAY-LEE-OR-RAY, busada should come out BOO-SAH-DA. Where two identical vowels are shown together as in ooa, the pronunciation would be OH-OH-AH Here is the sixteenth enochian key in its original state, then in pronunciation form, then in English The sixteenth key gives recognition of the wondrous contrasts of the earth and the sustenance of these dichotomies.

(Enochian): Ilasa viviala pereta salamanu balata das acaro odazodi busada od belioraxa balita: das Inusi caosaji lusadanu emoda das ome od taliobe darlapa iehe ilasa mada zodilodarepe Zodacare od zodamaranu. Odo ciacle qaa zodoreje lape zodiredo noco mada hoathahe Saitan

(Pronunciation): El-lah-sah vi-vee-ah-lah pay-ray-tah sah-lah-mah-noo bah-lah-tah dahs-ah-cah-row oh-dah zoe-dee boo-sah-dah ode bay-lee-oh-rock-sah bah-lee-tah dahs ee-noo-see Kah-oh-sah-jee loo-sah-dah-noo ay-mow-dah dahs oh-may ode tah-lee-oh-bay Dah-ree-lah-pah ee-ay-hay ee-lah-sah mah-dah zoe-dee-low-dah-ray-pay Zoe-dah-cah-ray ode zoe-dah-may-rah-noo oh-doe kee-cah-lay kwah-ah Zoe-doe-ray-jay lah-pay zoe-dee-ray-doe noe-coe mah-dah hoe-ah-thah-hay Sigh-than

(English): O thou second flame, the house of justice, which hast thy beginnings in glory and shalt Comfort the just, which walketh upon the earth with feet of fire, which understands and Separates creatures! Great art thou in the god of stretch-forth-and-conquer. Move therefore and appear! Open the mysteries of your creation! Be friendly unto me For I am the same! The true worshipper of the highest and ineffable king of hell!

History of Enochian Magick:

Enochian magick was first presented to the public in modern times by sir john dee, the court astrologer to queen elizabeth of england. Dee was born in england in 1527, and was a migician as an astrologer. Working with Edward Kelly ( sometimes called kelley) his psychic associate and partner, Dee discovered the system of enochian magick. According to dee's diary, the magicalo system was revealed to him by the enochian angels that inhabited the watchtowers and aethyrs of the subtle regions of the universe. While kelly conducted the psychic operations known as scrying, dee kept meticulous records of everything that occurred. Kelly would look deeply in to a crystal ''shewstone'' and describe aloud whatever he saw. Dee in turn, carefully wrote everything down. The shewstone of dee and kelly is believed to have been a black crystal about the size of an egg. Although objects such as water and mirrors can often be used to scry successfully, the favored material is crystal. Dee is credited with having been one of the first magicians to use a large polished spherical crystal- a crystal ball.

The net result of dees research was a series of tablets sectioned into squares with runes on each square. these runes were the letters of the enochian alphabet. they spelled out the names of the deites who presided over the regions symbolized by the squares. The tablets were thus devised as maps of the invisible spheres that surround our physical world. Little became of dee,s work until late in the nineteenth century, when it was incorporated and adopted by a mysterious and highly secret brother-hood of adepts in england, who called themselves the hermetic order of the Golden Dawn. They invoked the enochian deites whose names were written on the tablets. They also traveled in what they called their body of light ( a poetic term for aura) into these subtle regions and recorded their psychic experiences in a scientific manner.

One member, who left the order to found his own, traveled through each of the thirty Aethyrs. His name was Aleister Crowley, and he carefully recorded his travels through the Aethyrs in a book called ( The vision and the voice). This book was written with high symbolic imagery, and most people find it too difficult to underdtand or put to practical use. books The book Enochian magic a practical manual, was written in an effort to eliminate the unnecessary complexity of the Enochian magickal system and to combine its numerous elements into a single source. This book published as a part of Llewellyn's high magick series, contains fundamental teachings of Enochian magick such as the derivation of deity names, the rules associated with deriving signposts ( known characteristics of the watchtowers and aethyrs of enochian magick), and step-by-step techniques for invocations. This book was followed by an advanced guide to enochian magick which includes the main rituals and formulae of enochian magick. A third book, Enochian Physics, describes the structure of the Enochian Magical universe and compares that with the latest theories of modern physics. A fourth book Enochian tarot was published in 1989.



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