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The basics of a dead faith called Din-i-Ilahi: Years of existence 1581-1582

Din-i-Ilahi (Persian: ''Divine Faith'') An elite eclectic religious movement, which never numbered more than 19 adherents, formulated by the Mughal emperor Akbar in the late 16th century ad. The Din-i-Ilahi was essentially an ethical system, prohibiting such sins as lust, sensuality, slander, and pride and enjoining the virtues of piety, prudence, abstinence, and kindness. The soul was encouraged to purify itself through yearning for God (a tenet of Sufism, Islamic mysticism), celibacy was condoned (as in Catholicism), and the slaughter of animals was forbidden (as in Jainism).

There were no sacred scriptures or a priestly hierarchy in the Din-i-Ilahi. In its ritual, it borrowed heavily from Zoroastrianism, making light (Sun and fire) an object of divine worship and reciting, as in Hinduism, the 1,000 Sanskrit names of the Sun. In practice, however, the Din-i-Ilahi functioned as a personality cult contrived by Akbar around his own person. Members of the religion were handpicked by Akbar according to their devotion to him.

Because the emperor styled himself a reformer of Islam, arriving on Earth almost 1,000 years after the Prophet Muhammad, there was some suggestion that he wished to be acknowledged as a prophet also. The ambiguous use of formula prayers (common among the Sufis) such as Allhu akbar, ''God is most great,'' or perhaps ''God is Akbar,'' hinted at a divine association as well. Akbar is recorded by various conflicting sources as having affirmed allegiance to Islam and as having broken with Islm.

His religion was generally regarded by his contemporaries as a Muslim innovation or a heretical doctrine; only two sources from his own time-both hostile-accuse him of trying to found a new religion. The influence and appeal of the Din-i-Ilahi were limited and did not survive Akbar, but they did trigger a strong orthodox reaction in Indian Islam.

(The preceding info was found at http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/163768/Din-i-Ilahi)

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