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A ritual on making lucky charms.

What you will need:

  • Item to enchant which is usually something close to you or with sentimental value*
  • visualization and concentration
  • sage
  • sweet grass
  • sea salt

*The item to enchant has to be something you will either use daily, use during certain situations, or keep with you at certain times if not all the time. The visualization and concentration will be needed for enchanting and programming. The purpose will be what you want the lucky charm to do. For an example we'll say I have a medium sized polished rock that I want to receive extra strength and energy from whenever I start getting tired.

First: Prepare. Some people may want to add a rune or symbol for extra meaning, so for this example you would also need a permanent marker and you would have to know which runes to place. Before doing anything else, after everything you will use is set up in front of you, smudge. Burn some sage over and around the object you intend to enchant and the tools you intend to use for it. Then burn some sweet grass the same way. If you feel the need to, meditate before proceeding.

Second: Visualize and Concentrate. Visualize your energy flowing into the stone, visualize the Sowilo rune burning into one side of the stone and Uruz burning into the other, concentrate only on this and let nothing else matter. If you chose to meditate before doing this, it is possible to do this in a state of meditation without leaving it from when you first started. If you did not choose to meditate then it is still possible to enter a state of meditation while doing this and doing so may be helpful.

(Note: Sowilo would be the rune for energy and Uruz would be the rune for strength)

Third: Mark your Purpose. Use a marker or any other object you wish to use to draw the runes, Sowilo and Uruz, on either side of the stone. Again visualize the intent of these runes glowing into the stone, the energy required for this running from you into the runes. You may even verbally tell the stone what it is you want it to do.

And now you are done. Sea salt may be required, I'd say it's actually optional, for placing your new charm in after you are done so that it will be further purified and blessed. Keep this stone with you for strength and energy throughout the day and rub it if ever you feel the need for an extra burst.

This method works for just about anything. Petrified wood, bleached bones, broken pieces of plastic, anything you feel like enchanting may be done in this way. Just use the rune that coincides with your purpose. If you just want a charm for good luck in general, I would suggest the Perth rune.

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