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An introduction and explanation on finding your guardian angel.

The best way to know more about your guardian angel is to begin a series of activities that will reveal to you the spiritual qualities that your angel possesses. It is not important to get the name of the angel, or to see the angel, but it is VERY IMPORTANT to learn how to work cooperative with your angel. My suggestions are:

1. Start a notebook listing all the little incidents that occur when you feel there has been some help given to you, and acknowledge them. The angel loves this and will interact when you do this.

2. Spend time each day planning how you can deepen your faith in God, and do that which you plan.

3. Make a list of all the painful incidents in your life, or people who have caused you pain, or who you caused pain towards, and turn them over to your angel in a prayer of forgiveness for all concerned. This brings the angel very close.

4. Make a decision about how you can become of greater service to God by helping others, and ask your angel each morning to lead you into those activities.

5. Rise each morning and express gratitude to the angel for all the unseen help given both in sleep and awaken times, and especially for the multitude of actions taken by the angel to prevent harm and protect you that you are unaware of but which happens all the time.


When you begin doing these things, your angel will become more active in your life and will lead you to an understanding of the ''personality'' of that angel who accompanies you throughout eternity.

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Oct 12, 2022
Does an angel really exist? I hope she can accompany me and make my life a little easier

Oct 12, 2022
Angels exist inasmuch as faith is held that they exist. They are a belief only, and cannot be proven or disproven at this point beyond the shadow of a doubt. All supposed proofs are either shared instances of unverifiable personal gnosis, some form of confirmation bias, or seeking proof in vague signs, with nothing repeatable or testable. The same can be said for all non-physical beings.

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