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To help you cleanse yourself

Here what you need to start with one green candle one blue

candle one red candle and one yellow candle.

Ok if you don't have the candles colors.

You can use a white candle with something of the color you need wrapped around the the candle to represent the color you need.

what the colors mean for there are elements

1.Blue Water

2.Red Fire

3.yellow Wind

4.Green Earth

OK after you got your candles ready you need to cast your circle and place your candles in this order

1. North Green candle AS you place the candle light it call on Mother Earth and Father Sky to come and speak to you or teach you.

2. East Red ''in each of the call you will do it the same way''

3. South Blue '''' ''''

4. West Yellow '''' ''''

For when you close it out go backward

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