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Story about Ceridwen and her meaning.

Areas of Influence: I'm often asked how to pronounce Ceridwen? (Ker-RID-Wen) so I thought it would be useful to include that piece of information on this page. Other spellings of her name include Caridwen, Cereduin, Keridwen and Kerridwen.

Her name is derived the Celtic word cerru meaning cauldron which like the Goddess herself, symbolizes the transformative power of magic, wisdom, rebirth and creative inspiration. For these reasons she is seen as a patron Goddess of witches and wizards.

She is also associated with the moon, fertility, science, prophecy and poetry. Origins and

Geneology: She Married Tegid Voeland and was mother to three children: Creirwy, Morfan and Taliesin. There is no mention of her own origins in the surviving myths

Strengths: Wise, powerful and resourceful.

Weaknesses: She tries to interfere in her children's lives. Ceridwen's Symbolism The Cauldron and the dark moon are associated with this Goddess.

Sacred Animals: This Goddess often transformed into a white sow to address her people. In her myths she also shape shifted into a greyhound and an otter

Sacred Birds: Hawks and hens.

Sacred Plants:Corn.


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Aug 06, 2021
I'm not certain why this entry says that ''corn'' is sacred to Cerridwen as corn is a New World grain and would not have been known to the Celtic peoples who worshiped Cerridwen. Perhaps this is using the generic ''corn'' which can mean any grain such as wheat, barley, oats, etc.

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