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Traditional folk customs used on the Summer Solstice for fortune telling healing and protection

* Some people put nettle leaves on the windows and doors of their houses for protection against hexes
as any kind of magick including hexes is more powerful on the Summer Solstice

* Communicating with plants on the eve of the Summer Solstice was common among magician in the pre-christian times

* It is said that herbs collected on the eve of the Summer Solstice have a healing ability stronger then the one that they usually possess

* Traditionally it was common to stay up all night long on the eve of the Summer Solstice
After the sunset blessed flowers and herbs were thrown into the rivers and lakes
the ancient Slavs would then be skinny diving as a form of a purification ritual
then they will gather around bonfires where they will dance and sing and jump over the bonfires (which is too a purification ritual) and various other forms of celebration were observed

* There was a custom among some for girls to make wreaths for themselves on the eve of the Summer Solstice
the wreath is set into a lake or a river after making a wish
if the wreath would swim along - the wish will come true
otherwise if it after a short time returns to the shore around the spot from which it was set - it will not

* Another similar custom is to pour some water into a wide and deep bowl then upon the sunset of the eve of the Summer Solstice you shall whisper your wish to the water and then drop a small rock into the bowl
count the number of circles which flow from the spot to which the rock was thrown
if the number is even - the wish will come true
if it isn't - it will not

* An old fortune telling custom about love and relationship for girls:
On the eve of the Summer Solstice the younger girls would gather into a circle after collecting together outdoors a variety of flowers
one of the girls would chose them one by one each time asking "Who will get this flower" another girl which would be sitting with her back to the flowers not being able to see them will chose to who will it be given to
each flower has a different meaning
one is suppose to think about a specific boy when doing this fortune telling

Hawthorn - There is hope for love
Centaurea - Someone will fall in love with you
Bindweed (Morning Glory) - He will never love you
White Clove - Sorrow
Yellow Clove - Neglect
Red Clove - Passionate love
Dahlia - Gratitude
Jasmine - Meaningless flirting
Bellflower - Don't trust him he will trick you
Buttercup - It all will come clear on your date
Bellis - Shy love
Mint (Mentha) - You are being loved very strongly
Forget-me-not - Afraid of loosing you
Pot Marigold (Scotch Marigold) - You will brake up
Peony - Shame for his deed
White Rose - Loves you a lot but doesn't show it
Red Rose - Misses you
Chamomile - He doubts his love

(If you don't know some of those flowers do a Google-image-search on each)

* Health
To find out who of your close ones will have good health this year (until the next Summer Solstice) it is accepted on this day/night to collect one leaf of bearberry for each family member
who's leaf dried out first will get sick often this year and who's leaf stays fresh for the longest period of time will have excellent health this year

If you want to have a fortune revealing dream collect on the sunset of the Winter Solstice seven different flowers and put them under your pillow
note - the tradition suggests not to go to sleep on the eve of the Winter Solstice at all and to celebrate it until sunrise when all shall come to meet the sun at the climax of his power

* Bonfires
There are many customs about jumping over bonfires on this night it is by itself considered a cleansing act/ritual
some say - the higher you will jump over it the higher will the crops grow this year
if a couple jumps over a bonfire (a large one is usually used) while holding hands and manages to jump over the other side while still holding their hands indicates that they have a close bond
if you manage to jump over the fire without being touched by the flame it is considered a good omen

* Conception
It is accepted that a child the conception of which occurred on the night of this sabbath will be blessed by the Gods themselves

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