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Flowers set in vases on a window or throughout a home always changes the mood / atmosphere from one of depression to one of nature, lightness, seduction, relaxation, and more. Below is a small list of flowers that can be used in the home to help fight off depression.

Apple Blossoms

Soft and sweet, these flowers gently scent the air and bring about a feeling of comfort.

Chamomile Flowers

While these are not flowers you can place in a vase, smelling them does help to lift tensions and brings about an inner calmness. Simply cup a few chamomile flowers in your hands and inhale deeply a few times.


Carnations bring about a bright uplifting to any home they are placed within.

Use red for high energy, white for purification and release of negativity, and pink for comfort and soothing.


Also called Narcissus. Use this flower when you need to release negativity. It is a flower of self-sacrifice and is best when used in giving up useless guilt and poor habits. These flowers in any room will help release all the built up negatives and bring about a bright cheerfulness which is common after such a release.


Another flower that can't really be placed inside a vase. For one time use, pick a small amount of honeysuckle and take it with you when you are going to take a long bath. Lay it beside you on a dry surface or on the sink and allow the warm vapours from the tub absorb the sweet musky scent of the honeysuckle. It is a flower of divination and helps one to relax.


Pick three fresh sprigs of lavender flowers and tie them together with white ribbon or string. Carry this around with you and throughout the day, bring it to your nose and inhale deeply. This will help to clarify your thoughts and remove the depression that is getting in the way of your daily life.


Lilacs give off a strong and heavy scent. Just a small bunch will scent a large room. These flowers are great for removing mental dust and for making room for the positive. Place in vases throughout the home and open up all the windows for a floral purification.


Roses, known for love, can be purchased for oneself. Tell yourself "I love me" by buying a bouquet of roses and setting it in a prominent place in your home. A very uplifting act and positive self- affirmation. It may be just the boost you need to get out of the beginnings of a depression.


Tigerlillies are flowers of creativity. Place these in your work or crafting room when your depression stems from a creative block.

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