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A meditation in which I created earlier. By: Vladimier Valentine

Step One: First of all close your eyes and visualize a hurricane. Crashing sea's and winds strong enough to tear down houses in a single gust. Then visualize tornadoes converging and whirlpools. Imagine this as all the chaos in your life, all the stress and everything you are dealing with. That is the storm you see before you. Step Two: Now imagine the eye of the storm, utter calm and peace. In this place time itself as stopped and you hover in midair there. Safe from all the chaos and trouble around you. Here you are at peace with everything and one with everything. Step Three (Advanced): From here you can alter everything in your life at that moment. Affect the storm without it affecting you. Twist and turn it all so as to quell the emotions. This shan't have any effect on your real life unless you combine it with the incantation in which I will give to people I so deem worthy for it. If you hurt yourself attempting one of my workings it is your fault and not mine. It is your choice to use my workings and if you are harmed it is NOT MY FAULT. 

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