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In Victorian times there was a form of expression called "The language of the flowers" In this languge, flowers are hieroglyphs.

This Language was understood by many the giver of the flowers could communicate with his or her beloved through the selection of flowers. This language filtered down and into the vivid folkloric imaginations of the americas, and blended well with the highly structerd ancient plant lore already understood for thousands of years by the ancestors of the newly enslaved Africans.

BALM OF GILEAD - I'm ready for love

BERGAMOT - Inspires confidence

CARNATION, RED - This love is really hot

DAISY - You are my real first love

FORGET ME NOT - Well you wont will you?

HONEYSUCKLE - This is it lets get married

HOLLYHOCK - Lets make love

JASMINE - I saw you in my dreams

LEMON VERBENA - I am excited and mesmerized by you

ORANGE BLOSSOM - I'm ready for a real commitment

MYRTLE - You bring me joy

ROSE - My soul belongs to you

TULIP, RED - I love you

I offer flowers, I sow flower seeds.
I plant flowers. I assemble flowers
I pick flowers. I pick different flowers
I remove flowers. I seek flowers
I offer flowers. I arrange flowers.
I thread a flower. I string flowers.
I make flowers. I form them to be extending, uneven rounded, round bouquets of flowers.
I make a flower neclace, a flower garland
a paper of flowers, a bouquet
a flower sheild, hand flowers
I thread them. I string them
I provide them with gras. I provide them with leaves
I make a pendant of them I smell something
I smell them I cause one to smell something
I cause him to smell
I offer flowers to one
I offer him flowers
I provide him with flowers
I provide one with flowers
I provide one with a flower necklace
I provide him with a flower neclace
I place a garland on one
I provide him a garland
I clothe one in flowers
I cover him in flowers
I love him in flowers

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