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A small ritual that shows you how to ground by visualizing and chanting.

The ritual

Face East and center yourself, chant:

"I am grounded in the center of my being."

Visualize energy coming from below, on to yourself, chant:

"I am supported by the powers of below."

Visualize the God/Goddess of above.

"I am guided by the powers of above."

 Visualize the unity of the self with the center, above and below, chant:

"I am balanced in the axis of my being."

Extend your hand to the East. Visualize clarity and make contact with the powers of the elemental forces, chant:

"I am inspired by the powers of Air."

Visualize  yourself getting purified, chant:

"I am enlightened by the powers of Fire."

 Visualize yourself being healed, chant:

"I am renewed by the powers of Water."

 Visualize yourself being stable, chant:

"I am nurtured by the powers of Earth."

Establish the balance of axis and elements, feel it and chant:

"The forces are in balance within me and about me."

Feel the sphere within the circle, chant:

"The Sphere is placed."

Feel the Cube of the Temple within the sphere, chant:

"The Temple is established."

Feel the Temple within yourself, chant:

"I am the Temple."

You are now grounded.

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