Cleansing of a Home or Space

For the cleansing of a home or space. Cleansing is a form of banishing negative spirits, entities, thoughts, stagnant energies and thoughts, etc. Things You Need: White Candle (That will only be used for Cleansings) Olive oil or Rosemary oi l(used to anoint candle) Smudging Stick and Dragons Blood Incense (for an extra boost) Fan, Feather, or just your breath Salt (can be any kind) and dish to put it in Matches or lighter Ash tray (to catch the ashes from the smudge stick and incense) a Compass to find the 4 corners(North, East, South, and West) The right frame of mind?

This is How To Prepare:

Meditate on the reason for cleansing. Visualize your orb of light surrounding you, protecting you, empowering. I recommend a good grounding and empowering meditation.

Clean your space physically. Weather it be you house or practicing space.

Take a purifying bath. See section about spiritual baths.

Gather everything you need. Do it at the right time see timing your rituals and spells section.

Find The Four Corners. North, East, South, and West. This is important so don't skip it.

Open 1 window or door where the ending room is.

Cover ALL mirrors with Pink or Black cloth. (even compacts must be closed and covered).

Notes before you start, IMPORTANT!!!!

Always counter clockwise to banish. Clockwise to bring in, to bless. Turn towards you bring in and away from you to get rid of. Use the words that best fit your situation. Simple is better (and easier to memorize!). Saturday is ruled by Saturn, there for Cleansings are best done on this day. As Sundays are best for blessings. But if there is a need you can do this at any time night or day! Always protect yourself! Mirrors have to be covered because they are a doorway in which spiritual entities (positive or negative) can travel through with extreme ease and frequently use this to travel on the physical plane. Likewise could be said about mirrors trapping entities. I use pink as friendly color to encourage positive energy or black to block out anything I might think is in the home. Black is a Very good color for banishings and un-hexing. You can also cleanse mirrors and people. When cleansing a person it is often referred to as a purification.

To cleanse a person, home, or object of a negative entity is called an Exorcism. s.

Always be prepared and let others know what you are going to be going to do and if they will interfere wait until they are not there or ask them to leave for a while. CONCENTRATION IS A MUST! You may feel tired and may be very sweaty and very very very thirsty after. So drink lots of water. You may feel the energies good or bad. It doesn’t matter how new you are to this type of magik, anyone can do it. This ritual may take a lot out of you especially if there is “ stubborn” energies”. Make Sure ALL your tools have been consecrated.

Now lets get started!

1. To begin protect yourself by saying a spell, chant, prayer or by visualizing a pure protective white light around you.

2. Use the oil to anoint the candle. Again visualizing pure protection and purificating light eminating from the candle. To anoint start at the top with one finger moving toward the middle. Then bottom to middle. Seeing in your minds eye the purity that will come from this candle. Repeat until the candle is coated. The add a small pinch of salt and a drop of oil by the wick sealing in the purity and cleansing powers you have endowed this candle with.

3. Push dragons blood incense stick inside smudge stick. Light over the ash stray until is is completely smoldering. Place in tray until use while lit.

4. Establish the four cardinal points with the compass.

5. Double check to make sure you have everything you need on your person. A small satchel for salt works well. A candle lantern with a long handle can double as a candle holder and tray when needed.

6. Say your protection spell, prayer, chant whatever suits you. To protect yourself during this.

7.OPEN a window or door on the top room in your house/apartment/space. (The negativity will be push out this way).

I usually start from Bottom to top. So I open the Attic window. I start in the basement. In the Eastern most room and work my way around and up.

8.Start in the CENTER of the room using your fan to fan the smoke around you,

Then move EAST fanning or blowing into every nook and cranny saying your chant, prayer, spell.


Move SOUTH fanning or blowing into every nook and cranny saying your chant, prayer, spell.


Move WEST fanning or blowing into every nook and cranny saying your chant, prayer, spell.


Move towards the NORTH fanning or blowing into every nook and cranny saying your chant, prayer, spell.


sprinkle salt on the door way BEFORE you walk to the next room.

Repeat 6 and 8 for every room until the last room.

On the very last room sprinkle the salt BEFORE you cleanse it. Then repeat 6 and 8, Fan or blow the smoke towards the open area then sprinkle salt on the window seal or door.

Go get some water to drink and sit down you may be tired.:)

Your done! Good Job!

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