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General Info
Welcome - Read these posts for general info
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Introduce Yourself - Everyone is welcome to tell a bit about themselves
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Comments - Post comments regarding the site
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Spell Casting
General Info - General guidelines and info on casting
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Site Spells Discussion - Discussion of spells from this website
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Other Spells Discussion - Discuss other spells you know of here
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Spell Suggestions - Have suggestions for new spells, let us know
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Non-Spell Topics
Fortune Telling - Discuss horoscopes, tarot and numerology here.
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Astral Projection - A forum for all your AP questions and needs
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Herbalism - Discussion on herbs
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Spiritual Creatures - Discussion about any and all spiritual creatures and animals
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Misc Topics - Post questions or articles on other topics here
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Spiritual Paths
Wicca - Ask questions or post articles about Wicca here
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Norse Paganism - Heathenism, Northern Tradition, Odinism and others
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Vodou - Discuss all aspects of Vodou, Voodoo and Hoodoo
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Neo-Druidry - Help promote harmony and worship of nature
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Other Paths - Discuss other paths here
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Misc Posts
Online Shopping - Info and questions the SoM online store and items
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Covens - Promote your Coven and discuss issues here.
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Magic Items - Discuss the value of magical items
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Advertisements - Freely promote your own website or service here
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More about The Order

You can check this Covens page to confirm that members are actually administrators of the website if they claim to be.

No one from the website will ever ask for your password or for any personal information. If someone tries to get any personal information from you please contact a member of this Coven and let them know.

Petrarch is currently the only administrator on the site.
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