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Original Post:
by: User611912 on Jun 22, 2021


I was reading back in my book of shadows regards divination methods and found lately, the past three months there have been three methods I've mainly used and written about. There is another method I have used but have not written results or readings down.

It gave me this thread idea.

What are your most frequently used forms of divination? How or why do you use this method?


  • Oracle- I often use fortune telling oracles for week ahead spreads. This gives me a general idea as to the way the week may progress.
  • Scrying- Often I will meditatively scry. I can learn quite a bit in general in this manner and much pertains to my spiritual path, and as well lessons to learn.
  • Pendulum- I love to use this both for divination and finding lost items. I recently lost a singular lot I had made, and used a pendulum to find it. I use this method for simple yes and no questions. Curiosities. Things to look forward to.

What about you all? What are your most frequent divinatory methods, and why and how do you use them?