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Original Post:
by: Uchuuko on Aug 15, 2017

I performed a reading on what a good friend of mine thinks of me. Right now we have been separated for a while with no way to contact each other for now, and it has had me worried. The spread I have used is in this Aeclectic Tarot thread:

The cards I have drawn for each position are below:

1: Death
2: Knight of Wands Reversed
3: Ace of Wands
4: 10 of Swords Reversed
5: Temperance
6: Knight of Pentacles Reversed
7 (A bonus card depicting how his thoughts of me manifests in his deeds): The Magician

I was a bit distracted with some flashes of negative thoughts of other matters as I tried to shuffle my deck for this spread, but I decided to continue with the shuffling and deal the cards, taking note of them. With the results of the spread, I am worried about the future of our friendship. Could someone give me their interpretation of the reading? Furthermore, do you suggest I try to redo the reading when I will be more focused?