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Original Post:
by: ToxxicKira on Jun 18, 2016

Hello :)
I would love a reading. Any reading is OK, although the only readings I actually have experience on is "picture readings" when the reader gets information based off an image of me, which I've had the most success with. I have not done tarot readings, or any other forms of readings. However, I am interested in trying new things.
I am wanting to ask a question on a specific situation. Depending on the reading you plan to give, or depending on the reader, the question would be broad or specific. I know some readers prefer more general questions, while others don't.
If a reader just wants to give me a reading, without anything specific in mind, I'm OK with that as well.
I hope this makes sense, sometimes it's difficult to explain things. :)
Please PM me or message me on here. We can talk over PM or skype, or another method depending on the reader.