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Original Post:
by: Nymree on Jun 13, 2016

Evening all,

For some context, this was a personal reading and although I usually don't have any trouble with them, my mind is muddled with this one. I've been perceiving signs in my life, and after ensuring that I was absolutely sure these had meaning, I decided to do a tarot reading to see what would come up. I asked the question "Who or what is the being trying to contact me through the signs I have perceived?" and received these as "jumping" cards:

1) Ace of Pentacles
2) Page of Cups (Reversed)
3) Three of Pentacles (Reversed)
4) Queen of Cups

I have now decided to read reverse cards as reduced or passing energy, or potential. My initial interpretation was roughly (after some deeper research) that a fair young male and a fair wise female were contacting me, but who they were/are is unclear. It could potentially be that previous traumatic experience has been blocking me from the male divine/energy/being, but it could also be that they are less present in general or are less energetically "big". Another prominent message seems to be "go with your gut/feelings".

I figured that I could be biased here, or just muddled in my own thoughts, so I was wondering if I could get any second opinions on this one?

Just to note: Another message hinted at meditation, so I have been doing so to see if anything came up. The most prominent occurrence was the quick spontaneous vision of a brown bear - I have no connection with the animal nor have I much thought on it recently, so I don't know where that image would've come from. I also saw a bright light under my eyes just as I called out for "them" (whoever they may be) to show themselves/visit etc. which was most likely the sun coming out, but I felt the timing of it was quite significant seeing as I'd already been meditating for maybe half an hour with nothing of the sort happening prior to then. The blackbird may also be a relevant symbol.

Sorry if this was a bit of a ramble, I've been in a bit of a rush with things so I'm just typing this out now in a bit of a hurry. Hope it doesn't sound too much like I'm in any kind of denial or desperation; I've been very open to all possibilities on the topic (to my knowledge) but wanted an outside interpretation nevertheless.
Maybe I'm wrong to assume it's anyone at all, but the whole "fair young man/woman to do the querent a service and will be connected" part has given be a bit more confidence on that front.
My main issue here is: are they a god, are there more than one, or are they a form of spirit? Once I can figure that one out, I can focus more on the right areas and get a better idea on things, and I have a feeling that from there things would be a lot clearer.

Thanks to any and all replies made! :)